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Skyquakes (also known as mystery booms) are unexplained reports of a phenomenon that sounds like a cannon or sonic booms coming from the sky. They have been reported in numerous parts of the world and have been “captured” on video. I use quotations because it is extremely easy to fake these kinds of videos as seen from the viral hype around them a couple years ago. -cue the apocalyptic trumpets-

However, that does not negate the fact that skyquakes are real and while their origins have not been positively identified, there are some hypotheses.
1) UFOs ( I mean of course)
2) Gas escaping the vents in the Earths surface. It is known in lakes there is bio gas underneath that bursts from time to time.
3) Military Aircraft (though it can not explain occurrences before supersonic flight)
4) Meteors entering the Earths atmosphere causing sonic booms
5) Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) CMEs often create shock waves similar to when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier in Earths atmosphere
6) In some cases they have been associated with earthquakes though highly unlikely as a cause
7) Underwater caves collapsing, and the air rapidly rising to the surface
8) In North Carolina, one speculation is that they are the sound of pieces of the continental shelf falling off into the Atlantic abyss.
9) Volcanic eruptions

None of these have been directly proven to be the cause of skyquakes.
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