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The Lady With The Glass Eye
I figure I'd share one of my paranormal-esque encounters on here and while I try my best to remain logical in all situations, this one really rattled me for a while. It is something I personally witnessed so I'm not here to convince anyone or even to look for solid answers, just to share.
A couple years ago, a friend of mine's grandma was in town from El Salvador. She had told me a few stories about how her grandma could "see people's futures" after she had one of her eyes clawed out by a cat when she was a child. I never really took her seriously, until I met her. My friend described how her grandmother preferred not to look people in the eyes, knowing what possibly lay ahead of them. She would not often share what she saw outright, knowing it would only cause sadness and confusion/rejection. Though she would say a piece of advice instead of the gruesome details.
When I said hello to her for the first time, I felt what I can best explain as a magnet being repelled. That strong energy that just causes you to back up a little, and reorient yourself again. She shook my hand and told me to always stay focused, never stray away towards the wrong path especially in "vulnerable times" or else I could deeply regret it. I, of course, took this in a sarcastic way thinking the old lady had told me what any adult would tell a late teenager. However exactly five months after her visit, I had a death in my family. I was so close to this person, I felt lost in grief and developed bad habits. Suffice to say, I had a near death experience and afterwards I began to reflect on what the old lady had told me five months prior to the death of my family member. Despite her giving me a piece of advice anyone could've told me, I felt warm in my heart that someone had given it to me anyway whether they believed they were psychic or not.
I don't really believe in psychics, I know 99.9% of them are con artists but this old lady treated it as a curse, so perhaps in that manner it was easier to believe it now. Either way, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Even old ladies telling you what sounds like a premonition to behave.
 The woods are lovely, dark, and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. 
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