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Is it a dopploppleganger ?
I have said before I have always been haunted always had things happen.
One day I went shopping with my friend she brought me home dropped me off and left I went into my house.When you first went into my home the front door was in the kitchen the only door in that part of the house you could go in or out.When I walked in I saw my husband at the fridge looking for something to eat.I was happy to see him was going to run over there and give him a hug .I was looking at him and said ''It is so nice to see you home !'' he kept staring into the fridge and he looked at me but his stare was rather kind of cold looking I just figured he had a bad day at work .I kept talking to him as I looked down to put my house keys in my purse.I looked back up and he was gone.My husband is a very light on his feet you never hear him walk and at times he walks behind me and hugs me and scares the crud out of me.I just figured he was mad at me for some reason and went back to work.He came home later that day and I asked him''Why didn't you at least say good bye earlier?He said ''What do you mean?''I said when you came home for lunch and I saw you at you at the fridge?He insisted he went to work at 3 am and never came home till he was off work that day which was like 6 pm.It dawned on me I never seen his car in the drive way when I came in .I know I saw him at the fridge when I realized it wasn't him I turned ice cold and my voice got shaky .I asked him what was that at the fridge then? It looked just like you and I was going to hug it?.!!!
Woah! Almost sounds like a glitch in the matrix type thing Big eyes I hope someone has solid answers here, i don’t believe it was a doppelgänger persay but definitely something you should have looked into. Best wishes Blue Angel
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It might be a serious problem that your husband have, if he's blacking out and doing things he's unaware of. Just a thought.
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It may be a doppelgänger.  I know my sister has one and she some times can be shaken up when she runs into her.  I’m sorry I can’t be much help but I wish your husband well.  The doppelgänger appeared a few days before my sister was admitted into the hospital and also showed up a few days before a loved one passed away.  I hope it isn’t the case.

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