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Ghost Hunting Stuff for PC ???
I am actually searching for a white noise TV recorder some freeware on the net for pc and they is no way to find a moon phase freeware please help me ... ?!? Icontexto-emoticons-14-032x032
Well, I dont know where you looked but I just did a Google search for "moon phase freeware" and see quite a few listed. Perhaps you can try that and find what you are looking for

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You can find everything you are looking for online with a simple search... and most is free. You can find downloadable along with the many web based moon phases.
Now not sure what a white noise tv recorder is?
You can find white noise generators though not sure why you want to create confusion. Now as far as a white noise TV recorder? Record tv with no antenna. You will get white noise audibly and snow visually.

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Sometime i wounder if i have a real connection and or if my browser is hacked to death i have received over 400 friend request in this week only woundering if they want me to pass my time accepting friends request and ... etc etc etc please ask me help me help you help me ... Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032

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