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So What If Horses Would Draw Horse Gods?
A famous quote by Xenophanes reads that if horses could draw, they would draw their gods as horses. I find the quote to be quite illuminating of religion and theistic practices, throughout history.

Scott F. Aikin, his his paper titled the same as the thread subject, published in the Sophia philosophy journal that this could have ended up causing some pretty interesting reforms in religion, for Ancient Greece.

An interesting thought is how the picture of God or gods can change, depending on planetary region, species, etc. Do you think that the disparity between cultures could show how undependable such religious beliefs can be?

Does this harm the moral system of a religion? Or could we still have Hindi morals, while taking the belief of their gods with a grain of salt?
Great questions and point made. I think all the different religions definitely indicates that there are a lot of wrong stories in the world told by these religions. On the other hand, I think that all those religions that have existed show that humans have a sense of a higher being, and that speaks volumes. The problem with religions is that everyone thinks their right and they dispisrd everyone else who doesn't think the way they do.

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