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Mystic Eternal Dreams
For 3 years straight i have been having a number of a dreams at random times and only these dreams and no other at all.

They all consist of me waking up in the same dark pine forest and as i would look around me there would be pitch black mountains, black hills with black grass and what seemed to be the black pine tree forest going on forever. The sky was a mix of dark purple with black clouds in most of the dreams but in some it was a star filled space like sky.

[Image: Trail-to-the-Stars.jpg]

In every dream there is a ambient like drone or hum coming from the sky and the sky would always have either a black hole or eclipse looking thing in the sky. Heres where things get strange. when i first started dreaming of this reoccuring place i started to see a girl who looked like this:

[Image: 600full-tina-romero.jpg]

She would have paler skin and would wear the exact same black dress as seen above and she pretty much looked the same aesthetically. in some dreams she would would not be there but in some she would. There would be this obelisk type structure made of black marble in a clearing on a hill with the view of the skyline with the black mountains and endless forest among it and also a black field. In all the dreams i had of this girl she would just stand there staring and would fade away except for in 1 dream in which i will never forget and is burned into my mind.
I woke up in the forest and walked until i found the obelisk, then i was staring out at the skyline and had some sort of instinct or impulse to look to my right in which i saw the girl walking out of the woods, she approached me and started talking to me in a very soft voice. she said something along the lines of "Eden" and "Descension" in which i cannot remember what else she said as my mind went all dizzy, She then told me that "you must ascend". after that she drew a dagger and stabbed herself in the abdomen and fell to the ground in which i felt really morbid and sad and looked down at her eyes and they started to eminate a whitish blue light that started to get brighter and brighter and i heard a uplifting choir. as it got brighter and brighter i felt my body fading away and being overcome by the light until i was nothing and was in darkness but still aware of my mind until i saw one last visual of the skyline and 1000s of silhouetted soldiers marching over the hill accompanied by the sound of children screaming and crying, suddenly there was a bright flash and a mushroom cloud like a atomic bomb in which i woke up from the dream.

i don't know why i kept dreaming of this forest or dimension and why the girl was there but i havent had a dream at all for a while and keep thinking of it and what it means and why i was dreaming of the exact same place for 3 years?

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