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Demons are Subject able in the Name of Jesus Christ - Luke 10:17 - Spiritual Warfare
Demons are Subjectable in the Name of Jesus Christ - Luke 10:17 - Spiritual Warfare - Power Verses

As a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ,
I subject demons to the name of Jesus Christ with power and authority over all demons.

I do spiritual warfare against demons that are inside of me and outside of me that are trying to kill me. I also battle against demons and Satan's servants who practice witchcraft against me to kill me and to strengthen demons inside of me who with demons outside of me try to kill me.

I am homeless and alone and can find no brother in Christ with whom to serve the Lord together.

If you are so devoutly enthusiastic about Jesus, I find it hard to believe that you cannot go to a church and find people of like-mind and faith. If you have and they are shunning you because of your behaviour and thoughts, you might have to rethink that there is something wrong with your side of things.

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