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Activate Charm Burn Calendula Flower
I tryed this old trick, burn the calendula flowers above the charm (with my beloved dog hair charm) and you will find a kind of energy imprint around the charm like a aura...

I tryed it not long ago and it works 100%

Is this to "activate" a charm, or to see what energy imprint the charm currently has? How will it display itself? Is it a visible energy or more of a barrier that you can't see?
So many question without answers???

The joy of angels happy hollidays !!!

You don't have answers? But they are fairly straight forward questions. I could actually believe that something shows itself, because of the way smoke tends to float around something. Since everything has an emf, I could imagine charged particles repelling from the "charm". Of course, we'd have to run the experiment first. I just thought we could cut out the middle-man, and have you explain it.
Discusing the problem of confirmation bias and personnal GAIN !?!
So...OP was a joke post? Mockingly posted, even? I think the path to understanding why people believe in what they do is to give them the benefit of the doubt and let them explain what they mean. You can then begin to debate with them on the topics that a applicable to their explanations. If it a psychological issue, then we discuss that. If they claim something visible, then we ask for them to explain how we can measure it.

I don't think that posts mocking beliefs are going to get anyone anywhere, let alone "closer to changing their beliefs"....
6+6+6=18 Did you visit my profile ??? Its witchcraft my knowledge is dangerous i am sage enought to dont harm nobody and i reatched the joy of angels in this month of december ...
I'm done here....lmao

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