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Shared dreams?
Do you believe that two people can have the same dream at the same time? Will it be a psychic event? This happened once tome a long ago between me and my best friend at that time.
I've wondered that myself.
My mother claimed that once during a sleepover when she was a kid she and her friend slept back to back and had the same dream. It’s never happened to me, though.
I'm not sure if it would be counted as an event but I think you can have same dreams come to you for some reason, sometimes people end up having same kind of dream or even more rarely the same dream. I've been sometimes told about these a couple of times but never happened to myself personally.

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The average person has three to five dreams per night, and some may have up to seven; however, most dreams are immediately or quickly forgotten. Now can two people dream the same thing? Perhaps if the seed was planted the night before they could. They can also just think they dreamed the same thing as we often suffer from false memory. Look it up, happens often. But this kind of kills the magical thinking.
I don't know if it entirely kills the magical thinking. Perhaps there isn't anything magical about it, but it can show a few things. For instance, it could show just how in-sync a pair can be. If women can sync their periods, I don't see how two people (of any sex) could sync their mentalities. As science barely scratches the surface of neuroscience, a certain amount of mystique still surrounds the discipline.
My mother had a friend who lived in another state. One day the friend called and told her that she had a horrible dream that she had died. Before she told her the details of the dream my mother told her that she had also dreamed that this woman had died. Although their dreams were not exactly alike it was strange that both women dreamed of the ones death and both saw it happen in a green house.

A few years later her friend got married. Her new husband bought a house as a surprise to her. He took her to see the house. It was green. Less than a year later the woman died of cancer. Her funeral was held in that green house.

Before anyone asks I will tell you that I can not prove these things although they happened just as I described. Coincidence? Perhaps. I do not know. But it was strange. I was there.

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