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Looking for Telekinesis links
I just joined this site to connect with other paranormal enthusiasts and on this first post I'd like to point out my newfound interest in telekinesis and see who else shares this intriguing. Now what I'd like to ask all of you is if you know of any awesome web links related to this topic such as organizations, institutions, products, zines, printed publications etc. which are focused on the subject of telekinesis. Off hand I already know of some but if anyone here knows of any that might be of potential interest to me please let me know. I can't wait to hear from you! Also I know this isn't the forum for introductions but my name is Kenneth and I live in the northeastern US.
I have had many experiences which seem to be telekinesis (or Poltergeist activity).

In my opinion it isn't about consciously intending something to happen. You have no conscious power, influence, or control over it. The reason being is its your subconscious that causes it not your conscious mind.

I started mindfulness lessons a couple of years back where I just let negative emotions occur in my mind (even if very painful). I learned to stop my conscious mind attaching thoughts or thinking activity to them such as trying to figure out why the negative emotion exists, trying to stop it, and trying to come up with ways to prevent it happening again. I just let the negative emotion exist by itself, run its course, and pay it absolutely no attention with my conscious mind at all. And if I slip up then I close it down as soon as I realise.

In my opinion our subconscious minds are a bit like narcissists. They demand to be the centre of attention when experiencing a negative emotion and try their hardest to suck our conscious minds into doing that. If you shut this down then the subconscious mind doesnt get its release. Its like sexual frustration for the subconscious mind in that an energy builds in it which cannot get released as you are no longer interested in paying your negative emotions any attention and refuse to let yourself get swept along by them. And the more it goes on without that release the more telekinesis that seems to occur.

I think there is a hidden understanding of how telekinesis works in the Bible (yes such acts as parting the Red Sea could be interrupted as telekinesis). In my opinion its about behaving to a religious standard of morality. To do that is hard because your subconscious doesnt like negative emotions. When it sucks our conscious minds in then love and compassion for difficult people is impossible, forgiveness is impossible, taking the high road without taking the bait is impossible, etc, etc. Placing our faith in God during difficult times is to me about not acting on your negative emotions from your subconscious. To do so means you have to develop your ability to remain detached from them like with the mindfulness practice outlined above. And when you master it, then your subconscious without any means of release starts interacting with your environment.

Thats what I think is going on anyway. Sorry no links, just personal insights.

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