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Religion vs Spirituality
Yeah, they're about as fear-mongering as the general media, at this point. Hahaha
I don't follow organized religion either. Yet the framework for a lot of our thinking and morality is still from the torah.
(01-30-2018, 07:48 PM)KaelisRa Wrote: Yeah, they're about as fear-mongering as the general media, at this point. Hahaha

The flipping truth.
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Spirituality Triumphs, Religion mainly revolves around the early perception of reality and deceptions of our lesser evolved consciousness of the past, Religions Like to Divide and control aswell as promote hedonistic values such as obedience to higher entities with eternal suffering to those who reject these illogical claims. Throughout History these Abrahamic religions have genocided millions of our fellow humans for the hedonistic benefit of the corrupt men who lead them. Gnosticism and Partially Buddhism are the only truly logical and moral forms of religion if you want to call them religions, They promote the development of Awareness and free will and that we can block out the corrupting material world and access the spiritual world free of corruption and negativity. Altered States Of Consciousness are a fundamental and Divine function of all existence and may lead us to being aware of other planes of existence and the Truth. Most formats of spirituality and occult science are denounced as demonic and evil by mainstream religions which is contradictory as these religions are structured upon immoral hedonistic and controlling values and have been exploited and altered at the hands of corrupt men and their desires since their Genesis. Spirituality enables true happiness, awareness and open mindfulness
You seem to have drank the Gnostic kool-aid, my friend. Lost forever lol
I like spirituality over religion. Being connected to the universe sounds far better than concentrating on devoting my life to some supreme being + all the complicated rules it entails. Being a spiritual person is very different from person to person and that's what I like the most. It all depends on how you view your connection with your surroundings.
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