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The Lord Jesus Christ Visited Me When I Was Young
The Lord Jesus Christ came to me in spirit form when I was at or near the age of accountability. I was standing in my bedroom during the day. And I saw the Lord Jesus quickly swoop in through a wall and stand above me and to my right. Immediately my body was made to not move, like a DVD movie set to pause. I tried to see what was happening, but don't recall if I could move my eyes. I was mostly seeing what was happening in a vision in my mind. The Lord Jesus reached down as if into my head and pulled out a mass that seemed spiritual and not solid. He handled the mass back and forth between His hands a few times. And then He pushed it down over a divider, like a big knife, and separated the mass into two parts. I sensed one part was good and the other was evil. And while the two were being divided, I was experiencing discomfort in my head like a headache, particularly at the end of the dividing. I then quickly returned to normal without any discomfort and could move. The Lord Jesus left as quickly as He appeared, exiting through the same wall. We did not speak during this brief visitation.

I somehow forgot about this visitation within a short period of time. And then I recalled it in my fifties within the past five years, along with other memories, during a period that I was extremely stressed and under spiritual attack by the enemy.

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