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Coincidence or Sign?
I’d like feedback from individuals who aren’t skeptics. I lost mom in 2015-her passing was unexpected, however she had been sick for at least a year prior... but the doctors said she’d be okay...the doctors were days away from releasing her- she was coming home! Sadly, she never came home.
Few months after she passed- I got an e-mail for pre sale tickets for a psychic medium who has a television show. And did in live readings. I’m not sure why I got that e-mail, I don’t have any kind of account with either the medium or the show or the venue this reading was being held at. Odd
I absolutely LOVE this medium and watch the show all the time... I bought tickets for my sister and I.
We didn’t get a reading at the show- hearing the other readings and stories, there were families who needed it more than we did. I desperately want to hear from my mom- but the last thing I said to her on Mothers Day was “I love you and will see you soon.” And I gave her a big hug because she was up in a chair (she was coming home!)- she been in a bed for about 3 weeks. I’m so lucky because so many didn’t get that chance, so many questions left unanswered.
But I think my mom let us know she was there- it is so like her to give to people who need it more. She did that my entire life.
Now Coincidence or Sign?
I get the unusual e-mail... buy the tickets online, the seats are chosen best available at that time, you don’t choose. We get seats in Section 3, Row J, Seats 6&7.
My moms name begins with J, her birthday is March 13... 3/(6+7=13) 3/13.

Apologies in advance but I am a bit skeptical about everything.

I honestly think it was all just coincidence. Websites and companies commonly rent, trade, and /or sell email addresses for marketing purposes. The venue could have gotten your email and info from numerous sources. Anytime you join a website and give your contact info there is a possibility of them renting or selling the info ( will never do that)

As for the birthday if you would have gotten seats 3 and 13 it would seemed more strange. But to arrive at 3-13 by adding the 6 & 7? When we manipulate numbers and info we can often arrive at a "coincidence" like that.

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