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Psychic wife relives gunshot suicide aftermath
(11-12-2017, 10:28 PM)MaCan Wrote:
(11-10-2017, 10:21 PM)rickself Wrote: Hello -
My wife is a very accomplished psychic/medium. Throughout many team investigations, she has helped many earth-bound spirits cross over. She has also helped solve and answer many questions from families wondering about lost loved ones. We have cleaned many a house that before was uninhabitable. Her gift is to see what happens at the moment of death. Gift. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. She is a very strong Catholic and works with God's help, always.
We recently completed an investigation where she had to witness a suicide by gunshot. The trauma of the suicide is always a lot to handle but this one in particular has left her with a nightmare that picks up after the gunshot. As she sleeps, she begins to twitch and jump about the bed, feeling the pain and desperation the victim felt as he tries to struggle to his feet. It has been 3 weeks now and she has this same experience almost every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times a night. If I wake her up, she almost launches from the bed, panting and sweating. She then has to get up for prayer and meditation to calm herself.
From what I have read, especially with war veterans returning home to nightmares, she may be having episodes of PTSD.
Any thoughts, remedies from any of the members?
Thank you -

And what she did with the victim of this gunshot suicide, if I may ask? Did she try to help him?

She could have been exposed and affected by some negative energies during the process.

Perhaps cleansing her own energy would help to solve the problem. And after that, I'd suggest to invest some efforts to reinforce her shielding ability before you guys try another investigation.

Hope this helps
Hi MaCan -
At the time just before the suicide, another entity other than the victim made itself present. He identified himself as Daniel and we knew the victims name was Ron. When asked if he was there for our better good, he briefly touched my wife to the point of her answering in his voice. When the team called him out, we noticed aa shadow figure ran out the door. Then the gunshot. Unfortunately, we were unable to help the victim at that time.
My wife is very good about building walls. She adds to her brick wall daily, one with a crown of thorns covering the top. The base of her wall goes to the deepest depths of the Earth. She has to let them down briefly on investigations to be able to open up to what is there. As I stated before, our team has been on more investigations than I can count. She is usually very well protected, to the point of being able to reinforce the protection around me - basically a rock with some sixth sense.
The dream would maybe be better off as a possession, as that we can take care of. A dream has to dissipate on it's own.

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