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6th Sense?
I am curious to know by others what I am sensing. I guess this sense, a sense of knowing, began in Jr high. The day my best friend committed suicide is the day I felt grief and sorrow. He lived in a community far away at the time. At the time I did not know what it was I was feeling. I got a call within the hour from his parents that my friend passed away.

I can also feel or sense when I will see someone for the last time, hours or days before they pass. I have learned to acknowledge it but dont want to believe it.

I have also had visions. Visions in my dreams that did not make sense at the time but made clearly after it happened. Ive had dreams of possible a past life of being in a war. Ive had a dream multiple times of being in a war, always in the same place and same time, doing exactly what Ive dont in the other dreams. This dream I no longer have tho.

I strongly believe I have saved someones life in my community by warning them to be careful on the ice this year. This person usually travels on the ice early for ice fishing. I saw him at our local store and had an urge to tell him to be careful this year but didnt say a word to him. After it being on my mind the whole time that day, I told him the very next time I saw him how I felt the day or two before what I wanted to say.

I am able to see orbs and on occasion spirits, mainly one in particular(spirit). It feels I have the ability to read people, not by appearance but their intentions. Intentions is the best way I can describe it and may not be the correct wording.

I am curious to know what others truly think of what I experience. I have not really talked about this to much because most and many responses I get are "What do you mean? or I dont understand what you are saying or how do you know" like disbelief.

I have many other experiences but this thread is already long enough. Thanks for reading and for being open minded of what I wrote.
Hey! I don't know how I missed this in November! Lets give it a go!

This is difficult to pin down. There's some empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic mediumship. It's a cocktail of abilities, many of which are redundant. For instance: From an evolutionary perspective, why would you ever have developed empathic abilities, if you already had telepathy? For that matter, why would you need empathy and telepathy, if you had clairvoyance(ESP)?

Yet, here we are, with you stating instances of each of these occurring. Many people have a difficult time living with one of these abilities, let alone 4 or 5 at once. I have a friend who claims empathic ability. She says that sometimes it gets overwhelming, with everyone's emotion constantly berating her. If she had telepathy at the same time, she'd probably have committed suicide a long time ago.

To address intentions, I'll quickly summarize what intentions tend to be. An intention is knowledge plus deliberation(application of reason). You take a certain knowledge and deliberate upon it. That process creates an attitude that you now hold against that knowledge. That attitude is intention. To discern another person's general intention, you must find the knowledge they've deliberated on, and then try to approach it with a simulation of their own reason. Unfortunately, you can never have full knowledge of what their process for reasoning is, which is why things always seem to come out ambiguous. If you keep things general, they can still apply (loosely) to all people. When using this process to read people, we tend to live our lives in dealing with the generality of others. If you are notably good at reverse-engineering intention, your general action toward it can still apply to great extent. Though it might not directly deal with the situation.

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