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6th Sense?
I am curious to know by others what I am sensing. I guess this sense, a sense of knowing, began in Jr high. The day my best friend committed suicide is the day I felt grief and sorrow. He lived in a community far away at the time. At the time I did not know what it was I was feeling. I got a call within the hour from his parents that my friend passed away.

I can also feel or sense when I will see someone for the last time, hours or days before they pass. I have learned to acknowledge it but dont want to believe it.

I have also had visions. Visions in my dreams that did not make sense at the time but made clearly after it happened. Ive had dreams of possible a past life of being in a war. Ive had a dream multiple times of being in a war, always in the same place and same time, doing exactly what Ive dont in the other dreams. This dream I no longer have tho.

I strongly believe I have saved someones life in my community by warning them to be careful on the ice this year. This person usually travels on the ice early for ice fishing. I saw him at our local store and had an urge to tell him to be careful this year but didnt say a word to him. After it being on my mind the whole time that day, I told him the very next time I saw him how I felt the day or two before what I wanted to say.

I am able to see orbs and on occasion spirits, mainly one in particular(spirit). It feels I have the ability to read people, not by appearance but their intentions. Intentions is the best way I can describe it and may not be the correct wording.

I am curious to know what others truly think of what I experience. I have not really talked about this to much because most and many responses I get are "What do you mean? or I dont understand what you are saying or how do you know" like disbelief.

I have many other experiences but this thread is already long enough. Thanks for reading and for being open minded of what I wrote.

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