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Do You Believe Black Magic Can Work?
The Rule of Three comes with Wicca, not magic.

Karma is being born into a different caste in your next life based on your actions in this life.
"I guess the battle between Good and Evil is sort of irrelevant."
Even if you're doing it for healing, it's still your own personal desire. How do you know that person isn't supposed to die?

Wicca is about 70 years old, and the Rede is supposed to be advice, not commandments. Witchcraft is ancient, and people who practice it don't have to follow your Rede...if it is even yours. Are you a Trad Wiccan...or did you just read a few Llewellyn books and now you think you're Wiccan?

You may be watching too much Charmed. There is no universal 3-fold law of return or harm none requirement. You also have a very skewed and Westernized idea of what Karma is. It isn't like in the show My Name is Earl. Also, not everyone believes in it.

I didn't mean you had to, I was just talking.

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