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Dream of coworker getting killed, it happened
In 1999 I worked at a foundry and I had a former coworker who I had worked with but he moved to a different department. About a year after he left my department I had a dream that was so real about him getting killed at work. I remember in the dream seeing him lay on a stretcher dead. I asked what happened and someone said he got caught in something. The dream was so real that it really affected me and I couldnt get that image out of my head. I remember passing him a couple of times in the plant and it was sort of creepy to me because the dream had such an impact on me. One day a few months later I was walking into work and I had a very bad feeling that something had happened, but I didnt not think of my dream at that time. As I arrived to the lab that I was working in I asked my co-workers how they were doing, and one of them informed me that the man I had mentioned above got killed earlier that day, and he was crushed in a mold machine. I have never had anything else like that happen to me since

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