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need help
I already posted that thread few weeks ago but I still didnt find any help. Acclivities in my home increased more and I really dont know what to do.I am not crazy ,there is really something going on at my home.I really need help.I need to share my story with you guys and because this is "Talk Paranormal" I hope I will find some help and answers.It started from January of this year. First I had a feeling that someone(something)is in my home, than from time to time I started hearing some noises but since I live in a big apartment building I was thinking it was just my neighbors.I just couldn't accept the idea it could be something like a ghost since I really never believed in that kind of stores before.
One time at evening I was laying down in my bed, it was about 11 000 pm I think,and I stated notice like something is walking on my bed.I couldn't see that " thing"I just felt it.Since that night I can feel a present of that' something "every night or sometimes daytime.That "something" always touches my head,moves my hair-that way I think it is letting me know,he is here,Next part is more embarrassing, that "something" tries to go inside me thru my virginal.Before I found this forum I did some searches and I found out about incubus-Lilin demon in male form who,according to legendary traditions lies upon women in order to engage in sexual activity with them.I am not sure if that thing that comes and torments me is an incubus.I know that"something" comes to my home everyday and for sure not for positive reasons.I don't know what to do. Honestly I don't know for sure if it is sexual or that thing tries to get something out of my body.I tried to talk to that thing but I don't get any verbal answers just some noises or knocking.On another hand that "something"I think helped me a few times.For example I was driving on freeway and suddenly my car turned vary fast to next line. Two seconds after that the car behind me hit another car.It was a horrible accident.It would be me if my car didn't turn to right line. Was it that "something-someone" that helped me?? Idk. The similar situations happen and I always was like saved or..maybe lucky..?.(idk).When that thing is around me I always feel like air is under some electricity,I noticed that "something" moves fast,flays and has an ability to pierce through things, everything-glass,walls,materials....It is also intelligent. When I lay down on my bed I can feel that thing is also laying down but inside my mattress- like under me.It does that mostly every night.In that letter I am not mentioning and describing all different episodes that I had with that "something".It would take to long to write but I hope maybe someone can help me or give me some advise.What should I do??I took some blessed water from church and sprayed all over my home,I am a catholic and I pray every night but it seems like that don't help bc.... that thing keeps coming back.
Hello Lipton,

sorry for my english, english is not my mother tongue.

I’m not an english man or an american, I was born and grown up in Germany and we have there almost the same problems.
The word „Poltergeist“ is not without reason adapted from the German.

I assume that your health is all right and how far you believe me is your concern:

The first step when paranormal events happen, is always to ignore this happenings. That is important. I will come back to this point later.

This entity, that causes these events with you, is not a „Demon“. It is a not-self created entity. And the reason why it is acting with you is energy. More precisely mental energy.
Whenever it causes this events, you send out emotions and to become this emotions is the goal of this entity.

How can you now counteract this?

Now I need to be a bit more detailed:

We humans are material beings with a mental inner life. But if someone wants to keep us away from something he built a wall. Of course we can not penetrate the material wall with our material bodies.

This entities are spiritual nature and they can pass each material wall even if it were 100 meters (or 900 feet) high. But they can not pass „spiritual“ walls with their spiritual bodies. One simple line drawn with hand in the sand, is impassable when the line is impregnated with the strong thought of impassability.

But you’re too weak for that.

Considering that you have a strong relationship with the catholic church, I would ask a priest to do a cleaning in your house. Normally they do that.

This will stop this entity for a while.

And now to the second step:
Learn to ignore this happenings. I wrote something here in this forum in the fall „My wife, our old apartment, noises, sightings, and Netflix“. May be the wrotten is usefull for you.

If nothing works, write us, but try it.

Best regards
Lipton, do you feel this entity is draining you? Feeling lethargic, depressed or lack of sex drive? First thing I look for in a possible succubus case is those things. Also have you dabbled in summoning spirits? Typically they only show up because someone summoned one or made contact with Lilith, their mother.

Otherwise it may be either a malicious spirit or other type of demon.
Don't get me wrong, I hope they answer you, but keep in mind the last post was almost a year ago. Smile
(09-21-2018, 06:48 PM)KaelisRa Wrote: Don't get me wrong, I hope they answer you, but keep in mind the last post was almost a year ago. Smile

I’ll try to remember where the time stamps are. I clearly haven’t lurked long enough before signing up

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