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My wife, our old apartment, noises, sightings, and Netflix
My wife and I just moved into a new apartment. Now that we have left our old apartment, I started search online for explanations of what occurred there over the years and came across this forum. So I figured I'd post our story. There is a lot here, but I'd love the community's honest feedback.

Backstory: My Wife
It is important to talk about my wife first because she has had 3 encounters where she claims to have seen an actual ghost/apparition. One of them happened in our old apartment, but I'll get to that in a bit. Let me explain the first two:

(1) 8 years ago she was in Thailand with an ex-boyfriend (an area where a tsunami had come through and killed a number of people years earlier). They woke up to the light flickering and saw an old thai woman standing in the doorway. They both saw it and screamed and the woman disappeared.
(2) My wife and I were in New Orleans for a cousin's wedding, staying at the Hotel Monteleone. In the middle of the night I woke up freezing cold. Someone had turned down the thermostat. I got up and walked over to adjust it, but it didn't look that low. I moved it up a little, and that's when I heard my wife scream my name in a fearful tone. I turned around and came back to bed. She later told me that she just happened to wake up and saw an old woman, in lace and whitish, standing by the bed. When she yelled my name, it disappeared. She didn't know I had gotten up.

Our Old Apartment:
Without giving too much detail, our old apartment is very old (120+ years at least) and located in a part of lower manhattan that was the original Little Italy back during the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. I lived there for 6 years total, and my wife (then girlfriend) moved in with me after I was there 2 years (so she was there 4 years). I will chronicle the events that happened in rough order as best I remember them:

--First two years: nothing happened that was of note which I can remember

—Incident # 1: Not long after she officially moves in:
--We had a Google TV and decided to watch a movie on Netflix streaming one night: "The Crying Game." We got half way through it and decided to finish the rest the next night and went to sleep. We turned the TV off. Around 3 or 4am, we woke up to the sound of voices in the living room, so I got up and saw that the TV was on and the movie we watched earlier, "The Crying Game," was playing again. My wife never wanted to finish the movie the next eve because she was freaked out a little. I thought: ok maybe there’s an odd electrical or signal explanation for why the TV would turn on, but why would a Netflix movie also play again? You have to navigate to the application and start that again and then select the movie again. (I pose this question to the community because I’d love to hear of any explanations)

—Incident # 2: We had begun picking out Academy Award winners/nominees to watch on Netflix. One night it was “Raging Bull” with DeNiro. We finished the movie, turned the TV off and went to sleep. Around 3-4am, we heard the TV back on and it was playing “Raging Bull” from the start. Strange indeed. I turned it off and went back to sleep.

—Incident # 3: Continuing our Academy Award movie watching, we watched “12 Angry Men” on Netflix. We finished the movie, and then watched something else, a TV show or documentary, on Netflix. We turned the TV off and went to sleep. Around 3-4am, we heard the TV back on and it was playing “12 Angry Men” from the start.

—Incident # 4 (the big one): I was home visiting my parents and my then-girlfriend-now-wife was still at our apt in NYC. She told me that while I was gone, I texted her “goodnight” late one night and it woke her up from sleep. She looked at her phone and then turned back to see a man standing at the foot of our bed. He was all white and dressed in what appeared to be a pinstripe suit and a a wide brim hat. It was facing her for 10 seconds. She said “hello?” and then it disappeared. She said she was startled but didn’t feel terrified. She then went back to sleep. She swears she was wide awake, not in a dream state.

—Incident # 5: I was home one afternoon by myself and heard noise from the bedroom. I went in and heard my wife’s iPad playing something but it was still in sleep mode. I picked it up, turned the screen on and it was playing some Youtube video -- I forget what. So I turned it off.

—Incident #6: We decided to watch the movie “Mystic River” on Netflix one night. We finished it, turned the TV off and went to sleep. Around 3-4am, we woke up to hear the TV on and the movie “Mystic River” playing again from the start on Netflix. I turned it off and went back to bed.

—Incident #7: The next day I was at home in the afternoon, working. My back was to the TV. Around 3-4pm the TV turned on and started playing “Mystic River” again on Netflix. Keep in mind that my wife had watched TV shows on Netflix since we last saw the movie. I turned the TV off.

—Incident #8: The following day I was at home in the afternoon, working again. My back was to the TV. Around 3-4pm the TV turned on yet again and started playing “Mystic River” yet again again on Netflix. So this was the 3rd time the TV came on and started playing the movie “Mystic River.”

Note that 90% of what my wife and I watch on netflix are documentaries and TV shows. But these things never turn on after we watch them. It is only specific films on Netflix after we watch them.

Somewhere around these later incidents, my wife and I felt we had a ghost in our apartment. So I decided to do some research on the building and our unit. I couldn’t find any reports or stories of anything happening at our address specifically. However, I came across an old NYTimes story from 1903 that talked about an incident that happened in the basement of the apartment building next door to us. Apparently the basement of that building was used as a headquarter for one of the old mob families that would eventually become the Genovese crime family. Their old boss, Morello, lived there, and detectives found barrels in the basement stuffed with murdered victims of the mafia gang during a raid. Connection? Not necessarily. General point being that this was a rough neighborhood back in the day — and the figure that my wife saw by our bed seemed dressed in that period.

The past incidents happened over the course of a year and a half. My then-girlfriend and I got engaged and then married. Between the time we got engaged and then married, the TV incidents seemed to stop. There were a few other things that did happen though during this time.

—Incident #9: We were getting ready to leave the apartment for the day and as I was facing the door, my wife said she saw a whitish/smokey looking figure rise from the couch and then disappear.

—Incident #10: It was morning and we were getting ready for the day. My wife had been using the bathroom and then left and was in the bedroom. I was sitting at a desk in the living room. All of a sudden the hairdryer in the bathroom turns on by itself. It requires that a switch be moved and the switch was indeed moved. We had no idea how the hairdryer could turn on by itself.

Then we went through a long period, maybe a year, where there was nothing of interest that happened. And the TV incidents hadn’t been happening for maybe 2 years when we got ready to move into our new apartment in NYC. And I kind of almost forgot about our “ghost.”

—Incident #11: Then, the night before the movers were scheduled to come (at 7am) and move all our stuff to our new apartment, my wife woke me up and said that the TV had come on for a bit and then turned off. It woke her up and she first thought it was me watching TV late. But the only thing that came on was static — there was no Netflix movie playing or anything. The static played for a bit and then the TV turned off. We had gone about 2 years without any TV weirdness and then this happened the night before we were going to move permanently from the apartment.

There may be other things I’m forgetting, but these were the ones that stood out.

Everything here is 100% accurate as perceived by my wife or myself.

One final story about my wife: Recently I was on a flight that had to make an emergency landing. The pilot wasn’t sure about the stability of the landing gear and made everyone on the plane brace for impact / prepare for emergency evacuation if necessary. Thankfully, we landed safely. After I landed, my wife told me she woke up 2 hours before we landed (when we learned of the landing gear issues from pilot) and was crying from a bad dream she had where she thought she was at my funeral. Strange.

Anyways, I’d love to hear from the community. What was happening in our apartment? Why does my wife experience what she experiences? What do you make of the specific movies that decided to play again? What of the timing of these events? Or is there a very rational explanation for everything?
Sounds like she is sensitive to these things. I really do believe not everyone can see ghosts and I believe that they seem to know who can see them. I am guessing they may be attracted to her.

It sounds like your ghosts mean no harm. The netflix thing is quite odd but then again my ex-fiencees ghost called me on the phone once ( super creepy) I posted that story someplace on the forum. I have had TVs turn on on its own as a kid before we had internet and wireless devices and you had to physically hit buttons. I never heard it as frequiently as you experienced.

Since the spirits seem to mean no harm maybe have your wife can kindly ask them to go away or just not appear. It worked for me. My ghost used to sit on my bed, even during the day, and scare the jesus out of me. I asked it to stop doing it and it did
Hello mhw228

many thanks for your interesting story.

In advance sorry for my english, english is not my mother tongue. But of course i will try my best.

I assume that your health and the health of your wife is all right. In how far you believe me is of course your thing:

I also think that the focus person is your wife.

Many people, who have made paranormal expiriences, do not know how to deal with the experienced. They do not even have explanations for what happened. The result is then emotional confusion, which will continue to increase as more things happen.

I think so far you can follow me?

Now it is so that two kinds of paranormal entity exist, which trigger paranormal events:
Self-created and not-self-created.

This are not the exact names, but in my opinion this names are sufficient to describe what happened.

The difference between them is their behavior. While Self-Created are relatively silly and very simply in their action. the actions of the not-self-created can be very intelligent, very targeted frightening an sometimes very aggresive.

It does not matter what kind of entity, both wants the same: Energy.

What kind of energy?

Energy that is contained in emotions. To become the feelings and thoughts of human beeings is their goal.

How are they doing this?

Very simple: Cause a paranormal event so that the victim focus on the event and take part in their emotional distributions.

Due to the fact that every event need energy, the absorbed energy must be larger than the causing of this events.

And now a rethorical question: Assume you were a entity, what do you think who would release more energy? A skeptical person or a person who strong believes in ghosts and as described above is emotionally confused due to certain events?

Thats the reason why persons with paranormal experiences are more predestined for this entities.

Back to your wife:

I do not think it was just one entity. I think there were more entities and during the years they come and gone. May be there were also not-self-created entities, but it sounds that mostly of the happenings were caused by self-created entities.

But to clarify this more background informations would be necessary.

On the other hand nothing terrible happened and we have normaly enough energy to get along with it. It can get problems if you start to focus only on this.

For example you start to try get contact to this entity. The end result will only be more emotional confusion.

Years ago someone, who had the same problems as your wife told me that after the contact, the entity told him he is the ghost of a child, killed and buried into the wall of his living room. I told him that this is only to make him more emotional confused. He did not believe me, broke down the wall and ... nothing. The only thing happended that he become more emotional confused.
The best way to handle with this, is to emotional ignore this happenings. No hate, no fear, and no love only ignoring.

What do I mean by that?

When you walk outside and a bird passes, you take note of it but nothing more. No emotions. The same should also happen with these events. It is, of course, easier said than done.

Your wife should write down all the events that happened. After that she should write down all her emotions about that events. She will notice two things: Nothing terrible realy happened, and her emotions were almost the same.

After that she should thing about that what would she advise herself if she would return in time to ignore this. This advises should also be written down next to the happenings.
This advices are good for the future.

This theories are not new. Many authors have written about it. For example Rudolf Steiner, Emil Stejnar, Franz Bardon, Walter von Lucadou, ... even the ancient indians, they called this entities „Tulpa“.

I think this is the best advice I can give you.

Best regards
Google tv turns on and off ..... Many varieties do this. From software issues, firmware. Google it
google netflix turns on automatically. Others experience this and its explainable .... but they looked for real reasons, not jumping to paranormal conclusions.

Study parasomnias to why she woke up to see things.

Hair dryers turning on... switch not fully shut off, they will also turn on with a power fluctuation. Also search model for recalls.

But its more exciting to want it to be something not proven.

Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

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