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Stupid Demons Leave Me Alone!!!!!
I've been having demonic experiences for months and they won't leave me alone! Once, I was trying to have a nap and a demonic voice said "die" and my eyes snapped open and it wasn't my tv. Another time, I had a splitting headache during the night and I needed the bathroom so I went in the dark and just as I left I heard evil laughter. I have never run to my room so fast in my life. When I got to my room, I felt like I was being watched and when I got in my room the feeling went away. And just this past summer I was having trouble sleeping after being scared out of my wits from the new It trailer and again I heard evil laughter and it wasn't my mother's tv. What do I do and how do I get rid of the demons?
Don't be afraid to be yourself, because who cares what other people think?

Start saving your money so you can get a few exorcisms done. Prices range from $275.00 for a skype exorcism to 3.5 million for a psychic fraud exorcism.
Or stop believing in them they do not exist.

Study fantasy prone personalities.
Taking any medications?
Just because it seems evil doesnt mean its a demon.....
Hi First of all welcome, so this does deem like a demon but I would like to know do you ever feel a heavy feeeling on your chest like when your lying in bed but i suggest looking it up on the internet just to be sure then if it is a demon i would 100% suggest an excorsism of you house and it might be expensive so ask friends or family if they know a priest. Yours Truly Luke
Did you by any chance ever do witch craft...or use a ouija board? I'm trying to figure out if its attached to you or to the home. If you have ever done anything like that...or if you have ever done any kind of spirit commuinication...or even being vengeful or manipulating people...can cause demons to attach themselves you. And sometimes...If your family has a history of conducting sayonces or whatever...they can also attach themselves to you.

Now, my advice would be to tell Jesus what's going on...and find a non denominational/Pentecostal church (simply because they are prepared to deal with stuff like churches as well, takes forever in some cases....not saying they are bad.

Also, Worship God....and thank Him...because when you worship God..his presence fills worship..and the devil hates it....he can't compete with God.

Take Care.
Contact me if you need any more help.
-God Bless,

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