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Stupid Demons Leave Me Alone!!!!!
I've been having demonic experiences for months and they won't leave me alone! Once, I was trying to have a nap and a demonic voice said "die" and my eyes snapped open and it wasn't my tv. Another time, I had a splitting headache during the night and I needed the bathroom so I went in the dark and just as I left I heard evil laughter. I have never run to my room so fast in my life. When I got to my room, I felt like I was being watched and when I got in my room the feeling went away. And just this past summer I was having trouble sleeping after being scared out of my wits from the new It trailer and again I heard evil laughter and it wasn't my mother's tv. What do I do and how do I get rid of the demons?
Don't be afraid to be yourself, because who cares what other people think?

Start saving your money so you can get a few exorcisms done. Prices range from $275.00 for a skype exorcism to 3.5 million for a psychic fraud exorcism.
Or stop believing in them they do not exist.

Study fantasy prone personalities.
Taking any medications?
Just because it seems evil doesnt mean its a demon.....
Hi First of all welcome, so this does deem like a demon but I would like to know do you ever feel a heavy feeeling on your chest like when your lying in bed but i suggest looking it up on the internet just to be sure then if it is a demon i would 100% suggest an excorsism of you house and it might be expensive so ask friends or family if they know a priest. Yours Truly Luke

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