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Haunted Doll
Hullo I Am Vanny

I've been trying to possibly reach out to people heavily involved in the paranormal about a family handed down porcelain doll that belonged to my late sister that has recently started acting up not sure where to turn at this point i have tried many things to try to stop the activity since it has become a bit violent (I.E. breaking glasses moving items and strange noises i have caught) im at wits end and am unable to do much with her any advice would help..
What have you tried?
Well, Sense it is breaking glasses, If you can I would recommend finding something it can't break with it hands and keep it there. Also I would recommend looking up if there are any museums or that type of places that are interested in keeping this kind of stuff sense even some really famous ones that turned up like that have been allowed in to those & they would most likely know how to keep it there well.. You could also try ebay if you are not that rushed to get it out, sense for some reason even these types of ones are bought and it's for some reason now such a popular place to buy ones. You could also try to get it out of the doll and leave but if it's character is largely like that then it could annoy it, So that you should value yourself or with whomever you would try to get it out with.

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