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Healer seeking healers

Im looking for other healers to learn more on how to envoke the power of the divine. Im thinking about learning more spells, reiki healing and such as well.
(10-01-2017, 10:41 PM)Whitepilgrim1978 Wrote: Hi!

Im looking for other healers to learn more on how to envoke the power of the divine. Im thinking about learning more spells, reiki healing and such as well.

People make a big mistake, for example, when exposed in various places where some energy is detectable, they are immediately considered as healing and are set as if they are in a trance.

These sites are essentially auspuhs of the earth's activity, where there are various intense radiations i.t.d.Res that at first they feel various tremors and misfortunes, the feeling is the same as poisoning or drug abuse. The influence on each is different.

The man should have the opposite, avoid such glowing, as well as these various waves, bowls, etc. Even a variety of jewelry around the neck and hands is like an antenna or receiver of various radiation so that it is more harmful than healthy. Everything is just a business for fraud.

A person can make a defense against all this, by activating protection from perceptual energy and changing it if desired, but only if he has his body in absolute power and through this meditation he activates this activation.

(The Sensible Energy), by the power of the mind, you seek and connect (cosmic) energy with your mind, accept it or transfer it into your mind and create protection or treatment with it. Everything works on the command or command you command the mind. You find it eyes closed and relaxing or meditating, you see it as a cloud filled with very tiny light spots that move in your mind. (It is possible that someone can perceive it differently.)

Without a special mind, perceptual energy does not exist because you do not perceive it (the special mind is: perception, a lot of meditation and philosophy conditioned by visions and reality based on the opposite, which you perceive in your surroundings.

If you have absolutely owned your body, you will prepare a body with various commands to defend some of the negativity that can happen to you. It is similar to plants (scientifically proven)
When the lower leaf of the plant is attacked to command the entire plant to be compromised, the defensive system is triggered in it and with some ferroconne which is unpleasant for the attacker.
Even a man has in store a ferronome for which a person does not know yet, and just waiting to be activated, for example, to defend against the bench.

The body only works on the command of the mind or the special mind.
A man has everything, even when he is not aware of the defensive protective ferromony, only that he can not use them or activate them, he goes into the store and buys artificial protection against ticks, because he does not, in his entire life, recognize his body and power it has it at its disposal.

I have a feeling that a person simply does not live for himself and for his own body, but lives, as others want; and who are the others? those who do not know their body in the course of their lives and do not know why they live at all, they see only beautiful cars and capital before them, and these are the most.

To be continued:

Ive been told I'm a healer but I don't know sh#te. One time I shot electrical bolts of energy out of hands. For real.

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