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"Healed my wife yesterday again....
So..... I healed my wife yesterday again before she was going to sleep.
I asked her beforehand what degree her pain was between 1-10. She said 7.
That's very intense. She did in fact have pain in all her bones. She had been taking ibux and paracet all day but it had little to no effect. She haven't slept either for days. She's supposed to call the doctor today, but right now she's still asleep.

I held my hand upon her back and focused upon making a connection to the divine (God) and asked God to work his power through me. I imaged the process being done. My wife had spasms when i perform this healing when she is in intense pain but it subsides eventually. This time however I also imaged taking out a black glasssplint from her heart for some reason. I guess i really wanted to take out pain that has been in her heart due to her tough childhood. I do not know how that went, but i gave it a try. And while praying in my mind i do this healing she out of the blue screams out thank you and collapses on the bed.

Some healers feel bad or exhausted during such healings. I do not. So i can never be sure if it works or if i do things right but i give it a go.
I really wish i could take away pain for real and forever and not just simply ease the pain.... But it's better than nothing i guess...
Yeah so i healed my wife again two hours this morning. She had pain in her body and the doctors are restrictive with pain killers. I managed to get pain threshold from 9 to 6 where 10 is max and 0 is no pain. I was in a semi awake mental state and when i was healing something said: " apster is not mended/solved" I had not heared the term apster before so this was something not from my mindat all. It was in fact a description of my wifes personality and being. apsters are certain people from what i gathered.
So.... Today my wife said her pain is about 4 on a 10 scale and that is a decrease in pain. She said that the pain in her body has moved and is on its way out of her body. I am happy and awaits futher results.
My wife had some serious recovery beyond my wildest dreams. I will not get my hopes up, but some things are indeed happening. She said the pain was starting to move down her body towards her legs. And the pain is getting weaker. Several medical issues seem to be resolved but i just have to venture forth.... See what happens.
My wife slept from 11 pm to 9:30 am. she has not slept this much in years. she claims she is getting healed somehow.

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