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this is so crazy...
I've always been able to feel when I'm not alone. That where it stopped at though. That is until recently. After 8 years of not being able to work I finally got back to work as a house flipper haha.

The first house I went to work on had a woman who was very curious as to why I was there. I heard her ask me questions but only in the master bedroom/master bath. Then I started complaining of the car was nasty and only in the kitchen. That's when she started yelling "get out". I finally yelled back I will if you let me do my job. She left me alone after that LOL.

The second house I started to go upstairs when I stopped and looked up. I saw a man and a woman at the top of the stairs in what seemed like a heated argument. She was dressed in what looked like 1920-1930's clothing. She was then pushed by him. I did not hear anything but I saw her tumble backwards down the stairs and from what I could tell when she hit her head She died.

Then I had a few houses and had no issues. I recently started a new house. I love this house actually. I could even see me and my family living there. My job is to assess the houses for what needs done. I also begin washing walls so it can be painted. Everything was fine till I got to the small room outside the living room that leads to an unfinished basement, upstairs to the bedrooms and the bathroom. I had shut the door to the basement (because unfinished basements terrify me). I began washing the walls. I was reaching to wash when 2 small hands wrapped around my arm that was at my side. I was there by myself. The hands seemed to be about the size of a 4 or 5 year old. And my arm was tugged on as if the child wanted to show me something. The basement door was open about an inch. Other stuff I noticed was my phone battery was at 6% after 3 hours and I wasn't using it. My drink was gone and I had only taken 2 drinks out of it. My glass was 30 oz. I gathered my stuff and left LOL. I knew it was male. Once home and telling my friend about my experience. He wanted to see a pic of the house. I looked it up on Google earth. And there he is peeking out the window. Will post pic Smile I had to return today and immediately he contacted me. I tried to push it off but he was persistent. I finally had to say I will respect you but you have to respect me. That's when my hair laid back down and my goosebumps went away. I was able to focus on work then.

I can't believe this is happening to me now LOL[undefined=undefined]
Not sure why it didn't post the pic Sad
Maybe the pic will post now Smile

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I live near Montgomery, AL. I work in a building which is on the site of a former prison. Lots of similar activities which I will share later. Enjoyed your post. We had a contractor in a few years ago. He does a lot of work for people who are flipping houses.... When flippers get in over their heads. He told me several stories about haunted homes he worked in. Several months passed when we called on him again for a specific job in our plant. While he and his son worked in our plant over a week or so, he also worked at a home in an older part of town. He came in on his last day with a shocking story and a photo. While in this home, several things were displaced, tools, drinks, paint. They knew something was awry. At one point the son, walking upstairs, noticed the attic door in the ceiling cracked open slightly. In a scared but defiant way he yelled out, "you need to leave us alone, this is our place now".  The door closed quickly. The two continued working when about 20 minutes later they decided to wrap up for the day. While loading the truck outside the father heard his son scream from inside the house. He then watched his son run out and past him, Forrest Gump style, all the way down the street. He ran after him but realized he wasn't gonna catch him. The son finally stopped and yelled to the father that he wasn't going back and to pick him up on the next street. Once he picked his son up the dad realized his 20 year old son was truly terrified. Something had slapped him in the back with extreme force while he walked by the stairway. The dad snapped a picture. I saw it. A definite hand print was visible.

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