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Researching "Demon Hunters" and my experiences with the paranormal.
I'm just looking for answers, I will post my experience with the supernatural too. Anyway, I thought this would be the place to ask and maybe. Find people with similar experience's.

Not sure where to begin so. I'll introduce myself.

I'm an occultist, I research myths and legends and of course the occult, etc. I go by the name, aeloz.

My subject "demon hunters" as of now this is what I'm reseaching. After the show supernatural came out, a lot of people on several sites claimed to be demon hunters. Which I disbelieve and not entirely, Just curious. Anything is possible.

Perhaps you are a demon hunter? I would like to read your experience. I would like you to tell me what you do when you find these demons, do you hunt anything else? I'm just curious to know. I simply seek knowledge.

To anyone else that doesn't claim to be a demon hunter, maybe you've met one? Please tell me everything that you know.

Moving on, My experience with the supernatural.

I hate mentioning this, not because it's bad and nor is it good but because so many liars have said to have seen them. Then again someone at there, reading this. Is probably thinking the same thing as of me.

regardless, I said I will tell you my experience's with the supernatural.

I can't tell you why I started to see this figure on my wall, I was very.... wary, but curious at the same time, most people will call these "beings" evil or they feel that it is evil. It's not always the case, when something new comes across. You tend to feel scared because it is a new thing. Change can be scary. Because it's different. Does that make sense? Logically, if it wanted to, if a demon or an angel wants to cause you harm. There wouldn't be a warning. No pauses, not a second to think.

I was around 5 - 7 when I use to see this shadow on my wall. I would sometimes call for my mother but when she would walk in my room. It would just disappear. I mean it wouldn't just vanish into thin air. It would float to dark places of the room, I would get up and turn on the light to try and reveal it but it wouldn't be there. It was like it walked through a door way.

I never felt the sense of "evil" as so many claim to feel when they see these shadow people/ or nephilim. It never harmed me, I thought it as a friend. I think I saw it for at least two years. Before it disappeared. Honestly, coming back from school. It was a welcome relief.

For peronal reasons, I'm not going to tell much about this encounter and I woudn't call it an encounter, because I don't believe that you can make contact with spirits with a ouija board. How on earth can you make contact with spirits by writing the alphabet across, a piece of cardboard and adding a pentagram? Not logically possbile to me but nevertheless, that's very closed minded of me. Ritiuals and chants is more reasonable. It doesn't make sense, I know but it does. Not unless the pentagram is more powerful than we actually know, and maybe my fear played a row on that.

So, we aren't excatly friends but I'm going to call them "Friends", anyway. It was me and two friends. John decided to sit it out. Me and my other friend who is also named John Doe. We decided to seek knowledge of the unknown or at least I did. After a long ten minutes. I felt a bit worried, didn't wanted to do it. Friend called out for anything to answer his call but nothing happened, apart from a noise me and John heard. Crackling noises of the floor boards, which isn't excatly "proof" of an encounter. since my floor boards crackle anyway because they are obviously old. Someone could've been moving around. Regardless. I entered a stage of comptele fear, anxiety I guess. Anxiety which lasted a few weeks.

And I guess that explains the nightmares I was having. After struggling to sleep, tossing and turning. I decided that I had enough, and prayed. To god nothing happend still felt scared as hell. Then I prayed to satan nothing. Then to lucifer. I felt an immediate uplift. The next few days I kept seeing, a version. A warm firey ball, instead of hearing voices. I had feelings, can spirits speak through a feeling? Doesn't make any sense whatsoever I know, but bare with me. Is it possbile? Anything is possbile, right?

I think I went through stages of madness, sounds like a mental illness. I decided not to play with stuff that I don't know, that I would first research these things first but if it did work, I promised not to play around with the oujia board again, now here comes the spooky part or at least strange, what ever you want to call it, my friends. John and John Doe didn't seem quite right.

I had a dream about john Doe, we were siting down on a bed (Sounds dirty I know lol) he was playing his guitar, and I was just listening to his new tune. The images I was dreaming wasn't moving. They were still. The picture moves and I'm looking directly at him. He gives me a grin and his eyes glow red for a moment. I wake up and his looking directly at me this time and he says "helloooo, blue eyes" my eyes aren't blue, of course. He's a right dick and likes mocking people. Probably just messing around but. His personality change, wasn't John Doe that I knew and neither was John. Both of them change, why? They seemed disappointed...

I have reasons to believe they wanted me to be possessed, stuff they said wasn't right. I told them not to play around with the ouji board again and I think they did, regardless I don't believe in it or at least, ritiuals. A chant, must be done before it could work. Like I said, you can't just get a board and write the alphabet across. It's not logical, in the magical world. In my thoery.

I can't remember when this happened, I know this was one of those weeks after I used the ouij board, anyway. I had this stoke of fear. Felt like I was being taunted, I wanted some lonely time for a bit, since two of my "friends" were being complete morons. I was taking my time down the stairs. I was pretty much close to the main enterance of the front door. When I heard the door open and slam. I looked up to see who just slamed the door and no one, no one was there. I still heard someone running down the stairs. About that time I could feel my heart pumping like hell. I ran out as fast as I could and got myself across the road and I looked back. Lights flicker for a bit and then go off. I thought that might have been one of my friends messing around with me again.

I think I entered a moment of madness. And if not then it was something I NEED TO EDIT MY POST TO REMOVE THIS around wih me or at least one of the Johns but I asked one of my house guests (Not John or John Doe) did someone other than me walked out of the front door and slammed the door? No one had went out of the front door. It leaves me with two simple answers, was there something haunting me or was I going insane for a moment?

If it were a demon or a spirit, then it was mocking/taunting me. I call these enities "jester's" I don't know why, it's a word that popped in my head. after when I was trying to figure out what happened and I think it suits that description better.

Like I said, if something wants to cause you harm, it will do so. If it wants to take over you, well. I'm not sure if you would know, but I'm no expert.

I decided to go help a friend with work, we park the car and my friend tells me to stay in the car
and he will be back in a few moments. I still feel this, tension. Maybe I was experiencing possession? I don't know, maybe I still had something over me. I feel annoyed, feeling angry. When a woman is coming towards me and I say inside my head "I NEED TO EDIT MY POST TO REMOVE THIS I NEED TO EDIT MY POST TO REMOVE THIS - Profanity is not allowed" she smiles, like she could hear me, maybe I said that out loud? But that's not like me. I say again inside my head as a test "Who are you" smiles a bit more, and her eyes turn black. She sort of had, only way to explain. Is that in the middle of eyes had stars. White light.

I think I remember wanting to get out of the car, It was like I was pushed back. My version goes all blurry, smudged in a way. Like your version does when you stare at the sun, almost. I thought that maybe, that was the shadow on my wall. All those years ago.

You could call it b******t maybe it was, you could say I'm insane, I know I'm insane. That's why I'm an occulist, you could say I was suffering from illusions or it was just an illusion and I hate to say it and I need to be open minded.... Maybe you're right, but I know me more than anyone else and I'm telling you. It was real. If I was insane, then why haven't I experienced more of these illusions? Why haven't I seen anything else? I haven't been diagnosed with a mental illness, nor do I have family members who have.

I have no way of proving any of my experience's. But I believe all this to be truthful.

But I will understand why, you think that. If it was the other way around. I would probably call it b******t as well.

I don't believe in demonic possession as hollywood portrait's it, and I believe occultists will pay for stuff like that to make you fear it... To pull you off your tracks, to mislead you. Knowledge is powerful, and people hid knowledge for all reasons. You're enitled to knowledge, it's also you're world and you deserve to know.

serouisly, is this what demons do?

I will post a video when I review forum rules and reach the required number of posts.

And this.... what a joke, demon walks into a, I don't know, it's obvious that the Pastor is hosting an event, and why does the demon walk into such a thing?

Of course this one is an obvious fake, possibly mocking Demonic possession or spiritual possession. Bob Larson is a great hoaxist.

I come across videos like this on youtube, and I'm always left with a quesion. Why? Why would a demon or an entity walk into a church or something as of an event.
tossing and turning and srceaming makes, no sense to me. It baffles me. The only demonologists that got me re-thinking of possession is ed and lorraine warren, and maybe they have lied about their encounters, for all sorts of reasons. If demons and angels walk among us or even exist which I believe they do, then they act like us. The perfect disguise.

I'm done now.

As a Occultist, I even try to disprove my own encounters. To try and and come up with something logical, scientific in other words. Maybe you have the answers.

With the woman with black eyes, I was told that it was witch or a alien. A grey alien to be exact.

Anyway, to the main reason why I'm posting.... I'm an Occultist researcher, if you're a demon hunter or you know someone that is, please message me.

Why am I researching "Demon Hunters?" because I am a seeker of truth, I seek to be enlightened.

If anyone has any experience with the supernatural, I would like to hear about your encounters, if you don't feel like posting it, because you think it sounds silly and/or you don't want to be mocked. Worry not and message me, I will not jugde you.


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