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Spirit Vessel [Help please]
I'd like to transfer the spirit of someone deceased into a vessel, from prior research I've discovered a 'spirit doll' can be used and i'm planning to use an old sock monkey, I've heard different ways to transfer a spirit but i don't know what the most successful way would be, i'm planning on having letters that were send to him and pieces of information about him at the site of the transfer and it's the same place that he died, before the transfer I'm going to use a Ouija board to make contact with him if possible. If anyone has any advice or experience please let me know.

~ An amature witch
May I ask why? What is the purpose of this?
(09-02-2017, 10:21 AM)lorac61469 Wrote: May I ask why? What is the purpose of this?

The spirit in question is someone that I've been researching with a friend, he to us is a mystery and we want to get closer to his spirit by acquiring it we feel that by obtaining his spirit we will become closer to the reveal of his mystery. If you have any advice or experience on this I'd love the help.

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