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Abilities Expanding, please help!
I created this account because I need advice from people who are somewhat experienced in this kind of thing.

Gah, hit enter too soon. Basically, I've been having a lot of trouble with certain abilities manifesting. Just to be clear, at the time of this posting, the abilities are almost completely limited to ESP.

I've been able to tell, 9 times out of 10, what the people around me are thinking and/or feeling.
I've been woken up multiple times by things that disappear as soon as they "notice" that I'm observing them.
(pentagram on the ceiling with a bull's head/ram's head in the center, tendril/jellyfish-like entity right above me to name a few)
Objects randomly fly across the room during emotional outbursts (stress, arguments, etc).
I seem to know people better than they know themselves.
I can form empathic links with virtually anyone.
I seem to have some form of precognition.
I can influence events over time
Basically, I need to know who's had experience with this before, and what I can expect. These abilities are getting stronger, and more of them are manifesting at an alarming rate. I should also point out that my ex was extremely involved in witchcraft and the like.
With those abilities you should be able to prove your claims, and be the first to do so. Why not cash in on all the awards available for proving abilities?

Just look at all your options

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