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Does my being Goth make me any more vulnerable to demonic possession?
Does my being Goth or my being interested and passionate about the supernatural and demons make me any more vulnerable to possession?
No, it does not.
Could you expand please?
You have already explained what your problem is.
Delusions are beliefs that you hold despite considerable evidence to the contrary. They're this feeling that you know a fact to be true even if others have more proof that the fact is actually false. It would be like believing without a shadow of a doubt that TVs have little people inside that are acting for you.

Delusions are linked directly to psychosis, but not all delusions are that extreme. In fact, anxiety commonly causes delusional thinking, simply because of what it's like to deal with anxiety.

Stop Severe Anxiety and Delusions
Find out how you can control the severity of your anxiety and reduce the likelihood of experiencing delusions in the future with this free 7 minute anxiety test.
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