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Possession causing mental illness
Hello UglyNRude,

I know the history of the Quija board thats nothing new for me. I know this is a trademark of H****o, Inc.

I also know the Kohnstamm effect and the Carpenter effect . Thats also nothing new for me.

Everyone who can use the internet can get the same informations.

You wrote it is a childs game, would you really let your own children’s play with it?

About Schizophrenia: Scientist, more precisely neurologists and psychologists, do not really know what the trigger for schizophrenia is.

But of course the trigger of the illness we call schizophrenia are not entities.

Have you ever meet schizophren people? Most of them really fear such kind of forums, because they think in this forums are all bad magicans, aliens, agents and I don’t know what else and they are immediately in their world of thought.

Even those one who know that they are ill, fear such kind of forums, because they know the „voices“ in their head become „new food“.

Also no serious psychologist would give here the diagnosis schizophrenia only due to a few responds overall written in a few minutes. I don’t know because of course i’m the new one in this forum: Is this the normal way here?

Please do not forget, that I never used the word „schizophrenia“.

I wrote:

Every time when you call an entity over the Quija-Board it feeds on your energy. More accurate on your mental energy.

I dont know what this is for energy, I only know without this energy you became more aggressive, more credulous and you even look older as you are.

I'am realistic enough to know that he will not listen to it. But if another one, who never used the board and wants to use it, reads my answer and doesn't use the board everything is o.k..

You asked me why I think the causes come from using the board?
I give you a short answer:

To much things seen in this way!
Of course i’m here new, but I have collected experiences during 18 years. And not only in front of my laptop in Forums like this.

I used also books as a source of informations, and I also went out to help if help was required, Not because I want to help or because I want to be a super hero, the reason was simpler: because nobody else wanted to help those desperate families, single mothers, fathers, ...

The fascinating is, that no matter what language, no matter what country, the conditions are similar and the behaviour of the user are similar

This is may be not what you expected, but I think I can not give the right proof tested answer for you. I can only answer the question.

But before I continue writing:

Have you ever made paranormal experiences?

Best regards
(08-25-2017, 05:02 PM)Anonymous1337 Wrote: So long story short, I was possessed from a Ouija board for 5 years. It's been 4 years since I had the spirit out of my body, and 9 years since I got it.

In my opinion, from what I have seen throughout my nearly 70 years in this life, the possession is not due to an otherworldly being. It is an inhumane person, who is the problem and someone you know. Maybe they knew you were playing with the Ouija board at the time or was there present. These people are hard to spot because they are masked. They always present a fake benevolent personality when dealing with other people. Rarely do they show their true ugly nature.

There is good evidence in ESP and telepathy and remote viewing that there are not many minds but only One Mind. The whole of creation is brought into being within the One Mind.

We, as individual conscious beings, i.e., embodied spiritual beings, are all able to use the information in the One Mind to think and reason and perceive etc. Thus we have the perception that we have our own mind.

Within this One Mind, those who are related in some way, i.e., relative, friend, co-worker etc., share an entanglement. This is what enables telepathy. I don't think telepathy has anything to do with thoughts and ideas being "sent" from "one person's mind" to "another person's mind" at some distance away. I think that when one related person addresses another related person mentally, they are presenting ideas in the One Mind, which, owing to the entanglement, the other related person perceives in the One Mind.

An inhumane person takes advantage of this relational entanglement to exploit, abuse or hurt another person. It is done for many reasons. However because of the belief that there is an "our mind" and the perception of presented ideas, the illusion of a possession is created. There is no real possession that is why through support of humane people and a mere demand for exorcism the possession is gone.

(08-25-2017, 05:02 PM)Anonymous1337 Wrote: I want to talk to someone else who is in a similar situations as me. I started getting schizo-type symptoms within a week of being possessed. I've gotten better over all the years, but I'm at the end of my rope. I stopped improving.

The symptoms are all the result of your reactions to ideas presented to you mentally. These ideas are mere suggestions. They are truly null and void. Once you can appreciate that it is only your reaction, you can control because your reactions are your own and you can then choose to react in a different way.. problem solved!

When you were able to eradicate the possession, who ever it is who is wanting to adversely influence you, is annoyed and trying to again gain some foothold. These people play foul games and the way they do this is to pose a concealed threat. A concealed threat is one where you don't have knowledge about the threat. You only have awareness, so the fear created is often only seen as "feeling hot all of a sudden" or "higher emotional charge" or "having lots of energy"

The reason why inhumane people make concealed threats at the same time as presenting ideas in the Mind, is because people normally would see the bodily reactivity, especially if they have appraised it as some sort of emotional reactivity, as evidence for the idea. We normally treat the emotional reactivity as a weight, to weigh up the value or validity of an idea. This is exploited by making a concealed threat concurrent with an address in the Mind to the targeted person.

The key to overcoming the problem is to realise that the bodily reactivity is only coincidental with the ideas presented in the Mind. The bodily reactivity is NOT related to the idea. It is a hoax. AND that the idea is only a malicious suggestion and has no validity anyway. Once you can appreciate these things, you are home free.

(08-25-2017, 05:02 PM)Anonymous1337 Wrote: Depression kicked in around a year after being possessed, once I was mentally stable enough to realize the position I was in.

I found that depression can be created by many ways but they all seem to depend on the same foul play. A concealed threat together with concurrent ideas in Mind. They try to present you with ideas that it is hopeless, that you can't really escape them, that there is no way out etc., etc., And continually bring up many other ideas about events in your life that had transpired, so that they appear as memories, that you seemingly can't forget something bad that had happened. These are all suggestions aimed to control you and adversely affect you. They aim to sap your energy to get a kick out of it.

You will find that you have someone in your life that is inhumane and masked. They ususaly present a false good looking personality to get close to you and stay close to you. It can be hard to work out who it is.
One method I recommend is to start a thought/ contacts diary but for your eyes only. Don't show any one else because if you show it to the wrong person they will try to use it against you as added ammunition. Information about your thoughts, hopes, fears etc., is the ammunition used to trouble you.

Record thoughts that arise, especially if they arise out of the blue. Record who you have interacted with and briefly what was the subject of the conversation, including face to face contact, internet, phone and mail. Also make a record of anyone who comes to Mind unexpectedly. Time and date everything. After a while you will begin to see a pattern. You will find who it is or who they are, who are troubling you. Because for sure they will be real people in your life. Sever the relationship(s) if possible and if not don't give them any personal information and reduce your interactions with them to a minimum.

May all be better soon and you regain your equanimity and well-being.

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