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Can you accept that Man is greater than God?
(12-09-2017, 07:31 PM)Enemy No. 1 Gnostic Wrote: I tried that with the kill cure issue, and you showed how there were exceptions to an objective and absolute rule, which make killing or curing subjective moral tenets.

While you continue to say that all moral tenets are objective or absolute.

No, I explained how an absolute rule leaves no lee-way for exceptions. I've just established that an absolute rule and an objective rule are two different things. Just because you prove something isn't an absolute rule, that doesn't make it subjective. In fact, claiming that "killing is not always bad" is a more valid objective maxim than the absolute rule you originally stated.

All moral tenets must be objective. The only moral principle that must be absolute is the one that considers itself the foundation of the entire moral system. I gave two examples of those. I'm not confused about everything.

The problem seems to be stemmed from your idea that "objective" and "absolute" mean the same thing, which they don't. But that's fine, we'll continue at a later date.

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