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NDE's Explained
All near death/out of body experience's are a result of a molecule called dimethyltryptamine (DMT) being released in your brain, it is released at times when your body is experiencing extremely high amount of stress.

It is also released when you are born and its the reason why you dream, DTM is the most potent psychedelic known to us and our brain produces it. Its the reason for all mystical, religious/spiritual experiences and also explains sleep paralysis.

DMT can be smoked when in its crystal form and when this happens its like your body is undergoing an extremely strong anaesthesia, users often pass out/sleep and the motor function completely goes out the window. Explains the body lock from sleep paralysis and also the visions you see.

Not to say there is nothing to any of these kinds of experiences because users of DMT claim they often encounter aliens, other entities and anything from these to actually meeting god.

Can you logically claim that all NDE's have been explained by this? Have you been checking all NDE's? Have the scientists been using a 100% of global population sample-size?

Even if you were using a 100% sample-size, are the concepts inherent in an NDE mutually exclusive with the existence of DMT in the system?

The correct answers to these questions are: No. No. Hell no. And we don't know.

Look! NDE's haven't been explained at all! Only some, and we don't even know enough to logically claim most.
Well I have had a focused at will OBE without any stress. In fact to do that you have to be totally relaxed. DMT which is at the pineal gland of our brain is what is thought to cause these experiences according to science. You can also get DMT from plants and as we know people are taking it as a short cut to experience spiritual journeys. Now are they saying that it is all an illusion what you see. Or could it actually be the gateway to different vibrations. So for a debate I would go with the later that yes it exists as is proven but it is part of our host (body) to allow us to connect, when we choose to with our higher self or even the source. Now this can be done by taking the ILLEGAL drug DMT which amazes me because it is the most natural thing that all of us have so were all breaking the law lol. Or maybe the conspiracy theorists are right that to take it will allow us the greater picture but our governments still want a hold on us so are trying to shut us down by making it illegal. I go the harder route old school way via meditation and maybe DMT is what I am tapping into unknowingly but still ending up on the same route. So this is the question. Is DMT just a onboard drug that creates an illusion that we feel is reality. Remember an illusion is not real so therefore what you are seeing cannot have any physical reality. Or is it the part of us that our higher self is connecting, to lets say like a portal and it is in fact a reality whereas your consciousness can exit from the physical and also keep you on this linear vibration with full recall that you can call upon once back in the physical state wide awake. We can then remember and check upon. If this is the case surely it cannot be an illusion but a reality but on a different vibration frequency that science has not yet proven.. Your thoughts ?
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Spiritrealms, keep in mind that illusions do have a foundation in reality. It is the misinterpretation of sensory data, by our brains. Illusions require a physical aspect in order to exist. If there is no physical foundation, but the person still claims something exists physically, then it is a delusion. Delusions are specific, because they are essentially creating (without any present sensory data) physical objects in the minds of people.

It is an important distinction to make, that delusions are the claim of the physical where there is none. Because the paranormal is the claim of the non-physical/immaterial where there is no physical. That is a completely different ball-game and not a delusion. It's more of a logical conundrum than that of the senses.

Dreams are not delusions.
Kaelisra.. Ok yes I accept that what we perceive as physical comes from the roots of what we have seen and experienced on the physical plane. The physical I am using is where we are all residing at this time ie the human planet. Although to me whatever vibration you are on is the physical if that makes sense. What I am trying to get over is... Is science saying it is all in your mind and doesn't actually exist accept for images ie like being part of a VR played within your mind and even though you thought you were in your living room you actually weren't. Or the consciousness has left the physical gone to a particular place and returned. Once back awake you can then go to the actual place on this physical and check what you have seen making it real as existing on our physical and not just an image.. So therefore if the later then it has to be true that energy, consciousness or spirit whatever label we want to use can actually be on another vibration to ours making it invisible to our human eye... am I making sense lol. Sorry im not as articulate as you so I hope im making sense lol..
The secret is to BELIEVE Ghost  Spiritrealms   
Nono, it makes sense. My only being clear was because of my need to try and more clearly understand what people are saying.
For instance, how would you experience the physical on these other plains? Is it an empirically measurable phenomenon or something that can only touch the spirit? For the notion of physical, that actually matters.

And science more-or-less is saying that none of it is "real" outside of the chemical reactions that cause your brain to spring into the activity. You don't actually go anywhere. You don't really meet anybody. You would just interpret the new chemically induced sensory information a certain way. That there is nothing too mystical about it that you should read in to.
Ha Ha ok im glad I got over what I was trying to. Can it be measured at this time by science Nope but it doesn't mean to say that it cannot be measured period. The equipment just has not been discovered or invented yet lol. As I said on another board can thoughts be measured, not the electrical pulses from the brain but the actual thoughts and words bought up and repeated on a screen real time as it happens. Again nope or not that i am actually aware of. So does that mean thoughts do not exist. There are so many things that are real but because they cannot be taken apart and inspected by science at this time then it cannot be true hmmmmm. I was at a camp a little while back and went into a yurt to listen to a scientist talk about the big bang. WOOOOOSH into quantum physics and the like. He was a pilot , he was a mountaineer also and said all through his life he had not once experienced UFO"s or paranormal etc. He stated and I might have this the wrong way around so forgive me. There is dark matter and dark energy. One of them they have instruments to measure and they can actually hear the echo of the big bang. The other one they know exists but havent the instruments to measure or see it. Which is a bit weird as a lot on here will say how can you know if you cant prove it. I then said so if I have seen something that you haven't does that mean that I am mad and you are not and therefore it doesnt exist. He looked over and said of course not. So I said so the dark matter/energy that you cannot measure. lets say for example that some humans actually can tune into the dark matter/energy which then allows them to see for example spirit which may exist within it, why is that not possible. The whole room went quite I thought OH OH here we go. He actually said from a scientific background I actually cannot answer that but it is a very good point. I like that guy. Even he was open to that suggestion but they still need that little instrument. So is it not possible also that we are that instrument and they are looking in the wrong place or using the wrong techniques so far. Its good to Ponder :-)
The secret is to BELIEVE Ghost  Spiritrealms   
They have actually played clips of movies. Not on video, but off the data supplied by a patient's brain, who was watching it at the time. Two scientists also exchanged thoughts in a similar process. They can do all of that with the electrical pulses of the brain. They've even simulated close to 1 or 2 seconds of brain-function, using a warehouse full of state-of-the-art computers. It took a several millions of dollars and all they got was 1 second, but they did it.

I won't argue that there aren't different energy types, as we can see many different energy types at work all around our world. Science does have an issue with saying "It's impossible!" "It doesn't exist." and then boom all of a sudden it does. Perhaps we will find a new source of energy, and within that energy will lie the soul and the afterlife. Closed-mindedness is foolish. History of mistakes haven't taught those within science yet, so we just have to be patient for them to get slapped in the face again. xD
You want to see it? It's cool. Trippy but impressive. Here it is!
If you go to "New Reply"      you have more options with the editor. There is an icon that when you click it will let you put in a video link to make it display like this:

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