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NDE's Explained
08-08-2017, 02:40 PM
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NDE's Explained
All near death/out of body experience's are a result of a molecule called dimethyltryptamine (DMT) being released in your brain, it is released at times when your body is experiencing extremely high amount of stress.

It is also released when you are born and its the reason why you dream, DTM is the most potent psychedelic known to us and our brain produces it. Its the reason for all mystical, religious/spiritual experiences and also explains sleep paralysis.

DMT can be smoked when in its crystal form and when this happens its like your body is undergoing an extremely strong anaesthesia, users often pass out/sleep and the motor function completely goes out the window. Explains the body lock from sleep paralysis and also the visions you see.

Not to say there is nothing to any of these kinds of experiences because users of DMT claim they often encounter aliens, other entities and anything from these to actually meeting god.
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