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Dream About Death in Person

Had a very weird dream last night. Can remember bits and pieces. I was with this guy who I know is 'Death', but he was in human form. We were going places, a waterfall kind of area and one more place (Which I don't remember). I knew he was there to take me and I felt neutral about it. We were having casual conversations and he was also touching me. It felt casual. Then we took a selfie (there was one more human with us, a friend but not able to recollect who). In the selfie I was able to see the real form of death. He was wearing a black robe with a skeleton face. There was no scythe. I looked at him and he bit my shoulder. I panicked and he laughed in a I did it just for fun kind of way. After that he was asking me to jump down the waterfall (He had asked me to carry out a similar scary action at the previous place he took me - but don't remember the place) since it will be fun and we can go for a swim. There was an actual pool below the waterfall. It was kind of like an artificial fall and there were some of my friends swimming in the pool below. However I refused to jump (Don't know why even though I was sure that jump would not kill me since there was water at the bottom). After sometime death was back to his human form and was swimming in the pool and I was seeing him standing in the pool (Dunno how I got to the bottom of the falls). I was also amazed and complimenting him that he was a really good swimmer and swimming fast since he was physically huge and hence is able to make longer strides. At the end we kind of sat down and placed each other's hands together, our fingers touching and at this point of time I kind of knew that he was taking my life, but I only felt neutral about it (Neither anxiety or willingness to accept death).

In addition, there were also visions of me playing some kind of card game, probably poker with my friends and making good profit. We were playing in different environments. These poker playing visions were inter twining with the above dream with death.

Not sure what the above dream signifies. Would be great if someone can help me out.
Welcome to the forum

Perhaps you've met with 'Death' in your dream, but since it wasn't the time yet for you to leave this world and go to another shore (or whatever you may want to call it), then you're still here. But if this exactly is your interpretation concerning your dream of meeting 'Death', consider it as a reminder and (perhaps) a lesson that noone is forever-don't take it as something that scares you.

I'm not a good dream interpreter, btw, but one thing that I know about a dream where you gain profit in it... Is it money are we talking about here, I mean, you saw and received money in your dream?

Unfortunately, in my people's traditional paranormal concept, this kind of dream isn't a good dream as money (in a dream) symbolizes ailment, despite of the joyful feeling you might had upon receiving such a dream.

Hope this helps.
Thank you for your insights MaCan. I have also been thinking a lot about death recently and probably that I am going to die. I am also mostly in depression thinking that I have not lived up to expectations. Maybe these thoughts impacted the dream
The first question is who do you thing Death is? What sort of being is Death? Is playing Grim Reaper all you Death does? If that's the case, then dreaming of Death personified could be very frightening or upsetting.

On the other hand, if you thing Death is Azrael, then that angel, while "he" does guide and assisted the departed, he also comforts the living, helps with difficult transitions in your life, such as getting married, divorce, moving off to college, setting out on your own for the first time and, he comforts those that comfort others in times of grief. That might be a very good dream.

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