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Poll: Do you think Mythbusters was wrong to abandon their polygraph results?
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Primary Perception as investigated by the late Cleve Backster
I unsuccessfully search the forum for mention of Backster's name, so I'm guessing he is not discussed here. What I am about to work on is a continuation of his work, but catering it away from a scientific intent to instead market a low-cost Galvanic Skin Response device to lay persons.

Concept background: Cleve Backster tested subjects using polygraph machines. Serendipitously in his curiosity, he attached polygraph electrodes to to a plant in his office and noted that the plant had a response to his intention of applying stimuli to the plant...before he actually applied the stimulus. The discovery so profoundly captivated his interest that his whole life's purpose changed in that moment, and for the last 50 or so years of his life, Backster worked fanatically to evangelize on behalf of this phenomenon. He decided to coin the term "primary perception" for this telepathic ability that plants seem to have.

The measuring equipment needed for plant matter measures the electrical resistance in vivo of plant tissue such as a leaf. It is important to understand that other electrical characteristics have not been identified as being affected telepathically. Mythbusters (episode entitled "Deadly Straw", air date 9/6/06) , used polygraph machines to "investigate" this phenomenon, but upon seeing results that confirmed Backster's, they promptly changed their measuring instrument to a resistance-agnostic EEG machine, obviously so they could avoid finding themselves in a position of proving something they didn't want to believe nor understand.

I am hoping to develop a pocket-sized device to sell to interested lay people. The Galvanic Skin Response module I ordered will arrive here today or Monday, and I will begin prototyping for this project. I have other endeavors which will prevent me from going full time for a while, but I hope to construct a proof of concept device as soon as I can.

Note that whenever I introduce this subject in other venues, people have tried to steer me away from the proof of concept path to consider a rigid scientific path like Backster pursued. He tried to market his investigations to a closed-minded scientific community, and he failed. I have no intention whatsoever to repeat his unproductive efforts along that path. if I do find that plants are telepathic, I will do an end-around on the closed-minded scientists by making the phenomenon so ubiquitous in the world that they can't stop it.

Any thoughts?

You can look at my abandoned forum thread giving further detail on Craigslist here It was such a waste of my time answering the naysayers who just tried to be destructive that I stopped posting there, but you can read some of my mindset and technological concerns. I will post a link when i review forum rules and reach required number of posts.
His work was refuted by his peers so why pursue it it? It was also shown he lacked proper controls so his claims could of been caused by many natural factors. When proper controls were used it failed. Instead like so many it was believed in the occult and pseudoscience.
Non-naysayers' comments will be welcomed.

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