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I solved it!!!!
(01-04-2018, 07:57 AM)Spiritrealms Wrote:
(01-04-2018, 12:32 AM)Raynault Wrote:
(01-03-2018, 11:00 PM)Spiritrealms Wrote:
(01-03-2018, 10:14 PM)Raynault Wrote:
(01-03-2018, 09:41 PM)Spiritrealms Wrote:   Is not a spirit or ghost box used to communicate with spirits on another vibration.  Firstly all vibrations are physical to whatever is vibrating at the same frequency. Secondly you cannot guarantee any answers because you cannot make them communicate. Thirdly what people tend to not take on board is the spirit world is not the human world where we are residing. So for me even though with tests i have done and have definitely had clear replies heard by others at the same time when using a box it is not something that can be guaranteed. I would also add that any medium or psychic that states that they can communicate and bring through the loved one you ask for is simply a liar and charlatan. BTW im a medium and also have to be skeptic on certain matters especially with claims that are being made which seem to have a big cost behind them. If what is claimed is as true , why not do it for free for a while, because once that is proven to people you will have so many orders and become rich anyway :-)

Anyone wanting to try my device is free to do so, I do not charge for trying it out. I have demoed it to a Paranormal Society and they were ALL surprised and mystified. I hear what you are saying. From my experience, I have not had a refusal. Ghosts want to talk and this is an experience they wish to have. I am in the process of going to approach the newspapers etc. The thing about the "other" side is we don't have all the information yet. But that information is coming!!!
Well for me I think if what you say is true it is a great break through. I have my doubts but who am I to judge. Cant you put up a little video to show us it working. :-)

Honestly, a video won't show anything... This is not like EVP where the voice is on tape. This uses a noise file and as you listen to it in segments the device connects the "ghosts" to you. It is taking a subconscious connection and bring it to the conscious. To be honest the device makes anyone psychic in a way, as they are communicating with the dead. But they hear it! Someone else would hear voices but hear differently. Some would say, well is it my imagination. The answer to that is if I rake the device away, you hear nothing, bring the device close and you hear them. The original discovery was in 1950's then in 1971 a book called "breakthrough: electronic communication with the dead" was published. What I have done is figured out why the original circuit worked and improved on it.

  Ok now Im think I understanding what you are trying to get over.  This is not the standard spirit box, ie modified radio or using white noise etc.  Going by what you have said, you have got a device that actually is changing the state of a persons mind. The normal awake state being Beta, but this due to a certain frequency you play changes it to theta which is the state a medium uses. This is a trance like state but you are still awake. Below that becomes Delta asleep. Now I am a medium so do I think that this is possible? absolutely and I wish you luck with it. I still stick with my original statement though, and that is simply even with a device that can lets say open the veil to allow clairaudience, in no way can you guarantee to communicate with individual spirits.  One they might not want to communicate, two they might of reincarnated. As for the mind state change though yep that would be a break through :-)

True - as there is much unknown one can not guarantee that a specific entity will in fact communicate. I agree!

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