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“We shall see if the spirits are willing”
Mark Edward is a mentalist who specializes in magic of the mind. He started his professional magic career at Hollywood’s Magic Castle in 1975, and in 1993 he began performing séances as one of the mediums in their Houdini Séance Room, which he would continue for fourteen years. He has been involved in the skeptical movement throughout his years as a “professional psychic,” where he infiltrated the darkest corners of the psychic business. Mark has been very public in exposing celebrity psychics and the techniques they use. His book Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium, which was published by Feral House in 2012, exposed the inner workings of psychics, mediums and so-called “spiritual advisors.” He continues to teach magic and write books on creating mentalism and mind reading experiences.
Mark is on Penn & Tells Bull$--t. I believe it's episode one, series one. But it's certainly the first series & is the episode about psychics.
Psychic Blues is a good read, but seems to attract unfair criticisms from all sides.
Personally I just do not understand why he should he be repentant or apologetic about earning his living from people who have happily paid him for what can only seen as side show entertainment.
I have seen several big name psychics & many lesser known ones too & if it's a good performance it's worth the money.


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