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Could stress effect potential psychic energy and magik output?
Ok so I've been stressed lately due to work it's been clouding everything from my mood at home to not wanting anykind of affection at all. I've been noticing after 2 months I had a difficult time reading peoples emotional state and seeing their auras not to mention my pendulum (amathist) 1 wouldn't allow me to work with her 2 completely broke when I tried. If my stress is the problem how could I get rid of it or at least dull it down,( on a side note I've put a good sized dent I'm my wallet with stress relief tea lol)
As I look through the eyes of my mortal body, I continue to see with the immoral eyes that I have already owned.
Stress can cause all sorts of problems. And drinking tea will never help relive real stress, imagined yes, but real stress has a cause that tea will NEVER touch.
Although it has to be said, just taking the time to sit down, relax a little & drink some tea in a relaxed manner can give a few moments relief. But thats the relaxing, not the tea.
Why are you stressed? Is it something inside of you, or something outside creating it?
If it's an outside situation. Can you change it. Or change the way you handle it?
Next, take some time each day. Sit upright in a comfortable seat. Close your eyes & breath in a regular, rhythmic manner & consciously make yourself relax.
Imagine that as you breath in you draw in relaxation & that as you breath out you breath out thick black stress. Imagine relaxation coursing around your body, via your blood. Feel the relaxation spreading. Feel that lovely warm tingling feeling as muscle by muscle you relax.
Learning to relax is time very well spent. So put some effort into it, as it will reward you.
Also make a point of relaxing in bed before you sleep. Make a point of creating positive, happy thoughts & try not to go to sleep tense or thinking negatively. Going to sleep tense or with the wrong thoughts turning in your mind, will degrade your quality of sleep & that will leave you more tired & more stressed the next day.
A big part of my work involves helping people to cope with stress & not dealing with it, has bad consequences. So please take time for YOU. And thus your own mental & physical well being. It is time well spent.
Teas & tablets do not cure stress. They at best, are like putting a sticky plaster on a wobbling table under a tower of stacked playing cards.
One thing, avoid alcohol, caffeine & especially recreational drugs. I see too many people on the wards who have used the wrong coping mechanisms, with dire life altering consequences.

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