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I'm really scared at this point.
I don't know if the OP is going to read this, I mean by considering that his (or her...?) last visit to this site was almost a month ago.

But if the OP ever read this in the future, I've read all of his posts, and all I can find is only that he felt that the problem stemmed from his OBE or astral travelling ability, if I'm not mistaken.

Perhaps that's the very root of the problem itself, if this is a paranormal event; the astral travelling ability.

I can only suggest the OP to stop using this ability if he's not even ready for the consequencies. Or, if he persists, then do it right and on his own risk.

By doing it right, I mean for the OP to learn how to protect himself first from everything that he might encounter in his astral journeys. Because like it or not, not everything he'll encounter there will be friendly toward him.

And yes, a person with a paranormal ability will likely attract spiritual entities. For example, it is very natural for a person with the ability to see something that suppose to be hidden would then be considered as a potential threat. Thus it is also natural if some of them would then decided to watch that person up, close and personal. It's not very different with us, humans, right?

Now, this is also for those of you who are interested in trying to build and use your paranormal abilities; please take this into consideration that 'how can you hope to have built a proper and strong house if you haven't even built a proper foundation for it first?' And in paranormal practices, protection, is one of the important matters that builds the whole foundation.

Perhaps then some of you would say that learning protection first is so troublesome, especially for youngsters. What can I say? This is an instant age, right? But believe me that trying to clean the mess up because of one's ignorance in this matter is even more troublesome. Paranormal is not a toy, and for those who practice it, it is a pretty darn serious matter.

I'm back on the website now, and I have found the solution to my problem here, about a week ago I finished talking to a contact online, and came to the conclusion that I would simply have to push it out with only willpower. I spent a lot of money over the time I've been gone, going to medical professionals as well as psychologists to rule out that it was some sort of health defect, and they could find nothing wrong. I then went to various texts and online sources in order to find others who had previously experienced the same "followings" as I had. After many dead ends, I happened apon a woman whom had dealt with these same EXACT experiences for several years. At a certain point she had stopped fearing it and became annoyed with its constant presence in her life. One night she apparently was so annoyed that screamed at "It" to leave and never come back. It never came back to haunt her. INTERESTINGLY enough, the exact date she remembers the being stopping it's visits, was the date I most clearly remember it began visiting me. Anyhow, I did exactly what she did, with conviction in my heart and it has yet to return. I have had the best nights sleep that I've had in a very long time. I so very greatly appreciate all the help I have received on this site and many others in ending this mess Smile my life feels much less burdened now, so cheers!

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