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Interesting appearances
So I've been seeing some stuff in the last year and a half or so. It might be my imagination, but I've never really imagined stuff like this before. The first thing I saw was something in my old apartment. It was like a black cloud of dust hovering in front of me on the bed. I may or may not have been just waking up. I know you sometimes see things while waking up, but, when it happened to me as a child, I was usually seeing an everyday object as something scary, not something new popping up in thin air. The black cloud of dust I saw freaked me out, though I didn't sense malevolence. I threw my covers at it and it vanished. On a possibility related note, the entire time I was in that apartment there were nights I didn't feel comfortable getting out of bed to go the bathroom without turing on a light. Some nights I felt perfectly safe and could walk there in the dark. I didn’t seem to correlate with anything I did during the day. I suppose that started happening before a year and a half ago than a year ago, but, as it was a feeling, not something I saw, I wasn't sure I should include it in this.

So, I moved to my dad's house, and, while I never had nights where I had to turn on the lights when I went to the bathroom, I began seeing things as I woke up quite regularly. Or, more, rather, felt them. I would wake up, go to turn on the lights, and be blocked by something that felt like furniture. As I felt around, I found that all sides not blocked by real furniture were blocked by this ghost furniture. So, not your typical haunting. It's the one I am most convinced is real, though, because I was physically being blocked by something. I can understand hallucinating sight, but physical walls, which actually block you from reaching something? Nope.

In the past week I've been seeing things moving out of the corner of my eye. Shadows, I think. When I turn my head, there's nothing there. I read about shadow people tonight, and it seems to fit them. Also tnight, before I did my Internet search, I saw something new. Well, kind of new. I'd occasionally seen brief glimpses of a cluster of white spots since I'd moved into my dad's house, but, when I woke up tonight, there were three, and they were larger and brighter than I've seen before. One was huge, and hanging like chandelier right above me, so that when I sat up I was in the middle of it. I turned on the lights just like I did when I saw other stuff, but, unlike the other stuff, it wasn't really scary, not even scary because they were unknown. All my previous experiences had scared me simply because paranormal activity is scary. I felt like the beings I saw were there to help. I turned back off the lights and went back to sleep. When I woke up again, I saw more or less the same thing before I turned on the lights. Maybe they're there to deal with the shadow people?

It's weird that this has all been happening in the last few years. I can think of four possible reasons for this. One, when I moved into my apartment I was at the age that the brain finishes development. Maybe this development has triggered some ability to see and sense? Another possibility is that I'm attracting this somehow. The third possibly is that I'm going nuts and will eventually need medication. The fourth is that it does have something to do with my developing brain, but the development for some reason made me more likely to see things that aren't there upon waking up and the shadows are the product of an overactive imagination.

So, any thoughts about my really long post? Sorry about the length, guys, and thank you for finishing this. I look forward to hearing what you think.
You may need to have you eyes checked or discuss these things with your doctor. Could be medical.

Maybe ocular migraine. Some people see auras, zig-zagging lines, stars or blind spots but don't have the pain.
This is all perfectly normal. Sleep hallucinations can happen when we believe we are totally awake. Yet are in that brain state of sleep. And when very tired they can even happen during the daytime.
And they can include sleep paralysis too.
Seeing things at night is perfectly normal. Edited to add. Normal but at times unpleasant or even frightening.

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