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Energy In My Gut/Groin

I'm not sure where else to go as none of my research has helped me find anything useful.

So for about 12 years now I've noticed I've been able to channel or summon this energy that originates in my groin just above my private bits. If I focus hard enough the sensation can spread down my legs but never above my belly button. The sensation slightly numbs the area it affects and gives me a slight boost in my energy level and I feel more awake and alert. If it focus on it for a while it makes my heart start to beat faster and my body will tremble. I feel more energetic afterwards and maybe stronger?

I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience with their bodies or at least can help me figure out where to start looking. I've looked into chakara, telepathy, chi and even Nordic berserking but nothing seems to match what I feel.

Thank you,
i think you might have a hernia?
WEird, have you read about kundalini? Not that this is what it is.

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