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Have I found my past life? I need opinions, please!
Hello! Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032

I've "found" a person who I think was me (but there are no certainties) through things I did not understand in this life since childhood, like:

-feel like I do not belong to this country.
-feel like I was popular "before".
-feel like having fought a lot/a lot of conflicts, what had never happened.
-a great affection for dancing although I hated to dance, which made me think that it would come from past life mother.
-feel like I had lived in the 80's (as a child I created the 80's in my mind, something that I didn't know nothing about... only when I grew up I've found that it already existed and I had not invented anything new.
-feeling that something bad happened in the 90's.
-feel like I've been in a rock / metal band (as a child I asked why the songs had no strong guitars and keyboards, and why there is no songs with a certain "magic" (I did not know what that magic songs could be until I became teen and discover that was 80's songs I was talking about in childhood)
-I have never been able to correctly pick up objects with my right hand, even my right hand being my preferred hand (also, people say I write like left-handed people, "hand bent", they think I'm left-handed until they notice I'm using the right hand), with my left hand I can pic up objects correctley....which makes me think that I was left-handed in my past life.
-I feel many heartaches without having anything wrong, I've done medical tests many times, which makes me think that I died with a shot in the heart, or something like that.
-I always had a very very very weak breath, which made me think that I smoked a lot "before" in my past life.
-I have a gift: writing, both prose and verse, mostly songs .... (that I've never cared too much about, until I found "the person" that I think is me in my past life).
-I never played badminton correctly, although I loved this sport! It was a single case in school, in my school time. When I make the throws, I behave like I was playing tennis (although I had no idea how to play tennis, and I only knew it years after left school... I also only thought about it after discovering " The person" that I think I have been in past life)

So (3 years ago) I did a summary: I was a man who had lived at the height of his life / career in the 80s, had a band, had a dancer/ballerina mother, died in the early 1990s with a shot in the heart (or something like that), smoked alot and fought/argued alot! Left handed, very popular, wrote music and probably sang/played something!

I NEVER found on the internet any article of a musician who had died murdered in the 90's and who had a rock / metal band. I gave up, besides I did not believe it as much as now ..... One day (1 year after the summary), out of nowhere, I was reading a top 10 articles, I found a "top 10 unknown musicians murdered in the 90s." They were almost all Rappers, and in the middle of them out of nowhere appeared a photo of a long-haired blonde man and I stopped and said: hey! This guy must have been in a band, I can feel that. I was going to google the name but I stopped again and closed the tab.....Underneath the photos there were written dates of death and I decided to check first ....... what was my surprise when I saw that he had died at the beginning of the 90, January 22, exactly the day and month I was in that day, and he had died precisely 22 years ago! He was born on 22nd as well!
I was in shock .... but worse.... later I google it and what I found:

-He had died with a shot in the heart (after a carjacking that he suffered).
-He have been in a rock / metal bands in the 80's (just one band is famous).
-He had a ballerina/dance teacher mother.
-He smoked and drank a lot.
-He was always in fights/conflicts, mostly in a bars after gigs.
-He used to play of tennis, in a team.
-He was Left-handed.
-He wrote and sang/played songs, also he was the lead vocalist on the bands.
-He was from the USA (I'm not).
-He was very popular, knew lots of people....

Before I found about him, I've made a past life regression with an audio! I saw a gig on a small bar.....full of people inside! I couldn't saw the name of the band, the gig was ending, many people applauding! People wounere screaming something that sounds like: Fóoo-réss! Fóoo-réss! Many times, and fast. Only that.... I thought it was the name of the band, and I tried to find a band who match. I found nothing.....All this take place 1 year before I find him on a internet article! But now, and right after find him, I can tell you guys: people were screaming the surname of the vocalist (the person I think was in past life). I can't write the name of him here because I have no certainties, and I have respect!
I thought I was imagine things on the regression because I never heard about that surname before (I'm not from America).
Right after I known about "the person" name and surname, and remember the regression...still don't make sense people screaming only the vocalist surname instead of the band name, right? The answer is: yes, it makes sense. You guys are now wondering why I say this with such certainty, right?
I can answer it: Months ago from now, I was listening the last song of one of his albums (live album), and the song was in the ending.....I was distracted.....then I heard a familiar sound! I ran the song back. At the end of the song, which was the last of the concert, the audience was shouting his last name ... that sounded like: Fóo-résss!
I was in shock again!

Do you guys think I have been him in my past life? What do you think? Icontexto-emoticons-03-032x032
(And sorry about my english! This is not my main language!)
Who is it you think you were in a past life?
(06-03-2017, 06:27 PM)starpixie Wrote: Who is it you think you were in a past life?

I think I was the man I was talking in the post!
I can't tell names in public because he was a little known in the 80s rock/metal scene!
You can google it if you want: "died in january 22 1994 carjacking vocalist" And you will find the man! Smile
But no names please, because there are no certainties and I respect!

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