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The Spirituality of Premonitions
This thread will post many of me premonitions as well as the best of other premonitions familiar to me. My main interest is not in premonitions as psychic stunts or proof of the paranormal, but their intended purpose and what such experiences imply about divine destiny, the nature of time, and even the collective unconscious.

(1) At age 19, I was a Winnipeg college student. About 5 years my senior, my friend Dallas was the leader of our church youth group of about 150. I had just been Best Man at his wedding and was now invited to the newlyweds post-Christmas dinner. After eating, we played table tennis in their basement. Dallas mentioned that he was going deer hunting in northern Manitoba the next day and I instantly felt a sense of dread. It seemed as if I saw his skeleton and was certain that he would be killed in an accident if he went on this trip. Horrified, I felt compelled to share my premonition with him. He was offended and blamed my so-called premonition on my anti-hunting views. I had no such views, though I've never gone hunting myself. What could I do? I had no evidence beyond my certainty. I guess I hoped God would confirm my premonition to Dallas.

A few days later, we had a New Year's Eve service at our church. What happened when I arrived at the church was straight out of a horror movie. 3 young girls in our youth group approached me, giggling, and said. You do know that Dallas was killed yesterday in a hunting accident. He was riding a snowmobile with his gun placed near him and hit a bump. The resulting jolt caused his rifle to discharge into his shoulder. He bled to death before his hunting buddies got him to a doctor. The girls giggled and one said to the other, "Wow, I guess we sure ruined his day!" It was as if Hell was taunting me for my friendship with Dallas! What was so funny about their youth leader's death? I charitably assumed that their was just a nervous laughter. I later obsessed over what this tragedy meant. Why was I given this premonition if it would be useless to prevent his death? And was his death predestined fate?
you need to learn some spiritualism in hinduism. You will find your answer there. Good luck
2 PREMONITIONS AT PRINCETON [but not my last one there, which will be treated separately in my next planned post, because it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.]

(2) My next premonition after Dallas's accidental shooting happened just before Christmas at Princeton Seminary. I regularly dined with a great and very witty guy named Ted in our refectory. Ted already had 2 masters degrees and had just been accepted into the NT doctoral program at Cambridge U in England. I went to his dorm room to borrow his Cambridge catalogue, so I could apply to Cambridge as one of my potential grad schools. When Ted gave me the catalogue, I again seemed to see his skeleton in a premonition that his death was imminent. This time, though, I said nothing because I had no idea where the danger lay and, in any case, I had been unsuccessful in deterring Dallas from his hunting trip. When I returned to seminary after Christmas vacation, I learned that Ted and his friend Ken were driving home for Christmas together, but their car spun out on ice and crashed into a pole. Ken broke his arm, but Ted was killed. When I reflected on why I was given this premonition, the only interpretation that made sense was that I was meant to pray that Ted would be spared. Unfortunately, I could not bring myself to accept that the premonition was accurate and instead just tried to put it out of my mind. But I would soon learn that my premonitions were always accurate.

(3) My next premonition at Princeton Seminary came in the form of a nightmare in which my life was threatened and I pleaded with God for mercy. The next day, I drove to the Newark College of Engineering, where I was doing field work as a chaplain assistant. As I was driving home in the dark on a freeway, my motor suddenly died and my car slowed to a stop. I was fortunate to walk off the freeway through the heavy traffic and my car was totaled by another car shortly thereafter. I called 2 friends, Mike and Peter, from my dorm and they came and picked me up. Both of them said they too had experienced a nightmare the night before. At least in this case, the premonition seems intended to alert me to my personal danger and to induce me to pray for God's protection.
(4) My next premonition is not the most evidential, but I experienced it as part of the 2nd most spiritually profound day of my life. I was in the final 2 months of my senior year at Princeton Seminary. I had applied to various doctoral programs in New Testament and Judaism, but since I was 16, I had always dreamed of getting my doctorate at Harvard. As a 16 year old soccer player in Canada, I received a serious eye injury that threatened me with blindness and my Winnipeg doctor urged me to have the surgery in Boston. So my Dad accompanied me on the long train rides to Montreal and then to Boston, and a kind Christian Armenian couple took me in as a total stranger, while I convalesced from the surgery. Mr. Chorlian drove me around Boston and eventually around Harvard, bragging about how great a university it was. In my time of crisis, I needed a dream and the thought of getting a Harvard doctorate became that dream. But now in my last 2 months at Princeton, my friends were warning me that I had no chance of admission because I lacked a sufficient academic background for the program.

At Princeton, I had taken a preaching class with George, but he wasn't really a friend. Still, somehow he heard about my dream from a friend and decided to pay me a visit in my dorm room. When I opened the door, George just radiated warmth and love. He said, "Don, I've been praying for you, and the Lord has given me assurance that you will be accepted at Harvard soon." At once, my anxiety vanished and George's premonition about me became mine as well.

The next evening started horrendously. Anne, an attractive fellow student, came to my dorm room in a rage, accusing me of calling her on the phone and telling her she was too emotionally unstable to be a seminarian. I liked Anne because she had been a great comfort to me when my close friend had been killed in a car wreck. How could she think I'd do such a thing? Well, I was a friend of her boyfriend John who had just broken up with her, and I guess she wrongly thought he had confided in me about the break-up; and the guy who called her must have sounded like me.

In the midst of Anne's harangue, there was another knock at my door. I was told there was a phone call for me on the pay phone in the middle of the dorm. I excused myself and raced to the phone. It was John Strugnell, the Harvard professor who controlled the Dead sea Scrolls at the time, calling to inform me of my acceptance with a scholarship. Imagine my emotional roller coaster ride from false accusation to the news that fulfilled a long-time dream! When I returned to my room, Anne demanded to know who that was, and her jaw dropped when I told her. Evidently, she feared that John was calling me to warn me about her imminent tirade!

Suddenly, her mood changed and, alarmed, she asked me, "Are you OK?" I mumbled, "Fine, under the circumstances. Why?" She replied, "Because your right hand is gushing blood from the palm and is streaming onto your pants!" At that time, I had always dismissed stigmata as a Catholic superstition and I have never experienced this before or since. But my "stigmata" evidently convinced Anne of my innocence and she hastily left my room. I just sat there with a beautiful blend of elation and sorrow, as I thanked God for George's kind intercessory prayer in my behalf. The providential timing of these events served as a powerfully loving reminder that God has my back and wanted to make me aware of His protective hand in an unforgettably dramatic way. Even now, I often savor the sweetness of His presence in those 2 days.

I can't recall any subsequent conversation with George. I wish I could track him down to make him aware of how momentous his thoughtful prayer and follow-up visit had on my life.


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