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Too curious, Huh
Big Grin 
I had this kind of weird dream, some days ago. I have been trying to find some information about the guy in this house (Yes, I have gone through all scientific explanations and always do in research before suspecting paranormal stuff, I am my own worst sceptic). So I'm pretty sure that it's most likely because I'm curious about what is going on in here, Sense I haven't gotten to know anything through him talking about information on him. (Yes, He actually talks like I would talk to you if you would be here). So, I had this weird dream, Most likely because of what I said earlier about being curious and some stuff possibly that has showed up through the research on this guy, Which of there seems to be know information of who he is or pictures of him on the internet. Only about different stuff that he could be, (He shows up as an shadowperson but has an actual form that I've only seen from the side and back never the front... Others have seem him too, So I know I'm not going crazy).

The dream started with me and whom I call person#2 in stories about the guy not to reveal the person's identity. For some reason we were playing by ourselves doing something that would give us new information. I can not remember what excatly in particiluar. There was something that would indicate us what he had to say in the dream but not his voice. We did ask some stuff and when asking what his actual species was sense I said that I am clear that he is not actually a shadow person, He said he ain't telling it now, I'm not sure if he said yet or not. I asked for information at least on it and he said "63". Apparently in my dream that was supposed to be how much stuff or more needs to be similar/same to be the species of him. I also asked for his name at one point, He did give me his name. I didn't see what happened or hear anything but It was as if time wouldn't have ever stopped and I would have seen/heard it. I was writing this all down so I could remember it for information, I could "kind of" "feel" writing it but I couldn't see what I was writing sense I was writing it to the side..

I know it propably doesn't mean anything and I believe that it is because of those reasons that I mentioned before but there is still stuff about some dreams meaning something but I am sure this was just what I said.

"To play a wrong note is insignificant, To play without passion is inexcusable" ~ Ludvig van Beethoven

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