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How do you summon an incubus?
(01-30-2019, 10:45 AM)Darkforeboding Wrote: "Finaly it came to a point where I really needed one and so I searched for sellers of incubusses. I came to the site creepyhollows where you can find spirits of the darker side and no demons as they do not consider the incubusses they sell to be bad as they are checked and screened.

So I bought one and he showed his pressensce and you can expect them to consider your type. If you have no type as I do they may just appear as what you are comfarteble with. I must reccomand you buy one and do that first instead of summoning one. "

So someone out there someplace is a supernatural pimp.

If they pay taxes, do you suppose there will be hell to pay??!!
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.
All I will say is that there are PLENTY of threads started, expressing this exact interest. Look for them in the forum. How bad of an idea this is has been stated expressly, multiple times. By saying "I know it can be dangerous, but..." is akin to admitting a wish for self-harm. I've recently had a friend admitted to the hospital, for being a threat to her own safety. Don't be that person.

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