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Need guidance with my energy
Hello everybody,

I have been experiencing unique things over a long time, though I was not ready to share it with the world. Nowadays, everything is becoming so chaotic so I really need professional guidance & listen to your experiences. Please help me.

- I'm a 28 years old, female.
- I feel a strong energy inside me - This is hard to explain but I feel very powerful.
- I believe I have a very pure soul. Until now I have somehow managed to ask & get what I want from the universe / God. And even if I didnt get it, I have always been rewarded with something else. This applies to my relationship with money as well.
- I easly get affected by the other peoples & venues energies. For example when somebody in the room talks behind me, I feel the burden immediately. Or I have always known what jobs I will get even through my online application.
- For the last one year, I see dreams every night. I record them. They are mostly in places I have never been. Everything from the colors to the telephone numbers are so clear and recorded. Some dreams are in series and some are repetitive of the dreams I have seen many years ago.
- Sometimes, I meet with brand new people in social gathering and they say that they met me before. I have some ideas about their personal lives - but I am very sure that we havent met them before.
- I have visions / dejavus (do not know the exact term for this) during daytimes. It is a sudden thing, more focusing on the feeling rather than the visuals. I then experience these exact feelings due to real-life events within a few days. This happens when I'm with certain people.
- I have an amazing energy when I first meet people. Regardeless of their gender, age, nationality, position etc they share their intimate life / deepest secrets with me. This can be either a cab driver, someone I met at Starbucks or the person I met on Tinder. This situation is very recognizable by everybody. People say that they find me trustworthy... just in a couple of minutes.
- In the last couple of years, I constantly attract people related with "casinos", which is illegal in my country. I try to run away / block them in my life as soon as I learn this. This started with a boyfriend who turned out to be a gambler and stole my money. Continued with another boyfriend, who is an office worker, but comes from a family who runs a casino. And then several people at work & social life... And casino culture is not common in my country.
- I always get good things in life at the beginning - schools , career, relationships. But after sometime they turn into a horror story - it is like some energy is blocking the ultimate happiness / moving ahead.
- My religion is Islam, and despite I believe in it, I dont practice it. Several times, ladies who read stars / alphabetical reading from Quran told me that I have a burden in my soul that blocks me from reaching the "ultimate end" like a marriage or a stable work life. They all wanted money to solve this - and I didn't pay as religion and money should be seperate. Though what they say is true.
- I use tarot cards only for myself over the years. It started as a relief and now I use them for caution. The results are 80% true, I record all.


I know I mentioned lots of different topics above. I am really new to sharing my experiences with the outside world.
Do you experience similar things? Is there any thing I can do to better control of my energy / leverage my life standards? (it sometimes gets annoying because i have no control) Or shall I get some psychological help?
I'm open to any kind of advice / guidance.

Thanks for your time.


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