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Home for sale in SC comes with satan living upstairs
Ahhh blind belief? Jumping to conclusions? Not looking for facts?

At first glance, this Zillow listing of a home in Cayce, South Carolina seems like a steal. It’s a cute little house with an attic apartment and a separate cottage in the backyard — and it’s only $130,000, which is substantially lower than most of the homes of the same size in the area.
The only problem? Satan himself is apparently living upstairs and will not be vacating. Or an angry ghost of some sort. Wonder how long this one will stay on the market.
If you take a tour of the home you are NOT allowed to go upstairs, for any reason.
Not a great selling point.

Read More: House For Sale But It Might Be Haunted |

Now it turns out it has a down on his luck artist living upstairs.... but imaginations sure do make paranormal exciting.

Who would buy the house with a tenant that will never pay any rent?
It's amazing what you can find on the internet. Very weird that someone would write that if they were seriously trying to sell the home. I shall watch this thread closely with eager anticipation.
Tarantulas: i have 20 soon to be 25. Haunted places i've had the pleasure to visit: randolph county infirmary.

Short disclaimer/reminder:

It is not advised in any way to enter a property without the owners written permission. Those who trespass will likely be arrested for their actions and face prosecution, which may result in fines, community service, or worse jail. No location and potential haunting or urban legend is worth breaking the law no matter what your peers may say. 

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