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Two near death experiences, and what happened during them.
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The Christmas before last, 2015, on the 23rd and 24th of December. All winter I was suffering with a terrible cough, my sister had whooping cough at the same time and it was very similar but without the Noise from the intake of air. I work retail and it was Christmas so I soldiered through, but suffered severe back pain, pressure headaches and actually cracked a rib from the coughing. Those nights I had taken strong painkillers and both evenings I totally blacked out. I saw a doctor after Christmas and he told me the painkillers were reacting with my asthma and I was pretty lucky to be alive.

But the truth is, there was nothing, not even blackness. Time just stopped and I wasn't even aware I'd been out for a few minutes. The second time I heard serene music when I was coming to, but a few days later I heard the same music from a video game I was playing at the time of the episode, so it was obviously in the room.

Like most people I struggle with the concept of nothingness, but that's all it was. No pearly gates, no white light, no out of body experience. And yeah, I'm a skeptic but I'm not the type to deny something if it does happen.
Although the specific causes of this part of near-death experiences remain unclear, tunnel vision can occur when blood and oxygen flow is depleted to the eye, as can happen with the extreme fear and oxygen loss that are both common to dying.

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