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Positive Ouija Board Experiences
Hi guys!
I would love to know what everyone's most positive/peaceful/kind Ouija experiences have been?

There is so much focus on negativity, but I like to hone myself in on kind spirits who have trouble communicating what they need or what they would like to say by using equipment etc... on ghost hunts.

Have you had family come through?
Have you helped spirit via Ouija?

As a bit of background... feel free to skip this to the Ouija session part.

We were conducting a session in a museum, who recently had brought in a new display of items for 100 years since the beginning of World War 1 (so this was in 2014).
The items had been brought in, and they ranged from helmets found on battlefields, to knife holders, to guns, to letters. Some really beautiful displays which is one thing I love about investigating, I get backstage access to some wonderful pieces of history.

So anyway, the museum we work with (for a number of years now) keeps all private information locked away and it is not made public, and we have helped them uncover a few things about the resident spirits they have in the location, and helped them find answers, dates, names etc... which they then attributed to documentation they had about the local area and the building itself.

To me, my favourite conversation was with an Indian gentleman. He was connected to an item in the museum, one of the knives in that particular exhibition room was his.
He went on to tell us of his love for a young English woman working as a nurse in India before the war, but she was betrothed to a man back in England.
The way he spoke about her over the Ouija, and the fact he told us that he died fighting, and when she died, she joined him in spirit and they were together and happy... all 4 of us at the table (including a man) were in tears. It was a beautiful experience. He just wanted to talk to us and tell us about him and his love.
During the Ouija session, we could smell spice. And the temperature turned very warm (unusual for the location as it's an old thatch building full of drafts).

It was nice to have a very positive experience on the board. Unfortunately, the exhibit has changed now so I will likely never get chance to speak with him again.
"If you have ghosts, you have everything".

Plenty of positive connections. A Ouija is like a pendulum or any form of scrying. It comes from within you.
So any for of negativity is from you & your own psyche.
And of course those who see evil & negativity everywhere could do with remembering what Budda said. A wise man, recognising that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real & so he escapes the suffering.

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