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Seeing the SME stranger in my dreams
Just yesterday I had a dream which I am not able recall much of what I happened in it except for the face of a stranger who for some reason who seemed pretty close to me there, however I didn't think much of it since I'm used to seeing strangers appearing in my dreams frequently but then I dreamt of the same stranger again today and this time he was in my house with a strange male cat who was making a mess in there, just after I he left I found mytself getting chased by some hostile lady who was trying to snatch away my 21st key necklace which I was trying to keep away from her as if my life depended on it, but before the chase could conclude my alarm woke me up soon after which I began to feel really uneasy at the thought of seeing the same person in my dream again? Now I have never seen this person, plus I rarely go out to have even notice him real life as most of the time I spend is indoors studying. Any idea what could cause someone to dream about the same stranger for two consecutive nights?

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